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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 01 June 2017 00:00

There is absolutely no doubt that each and every one of us voters has been warned! We have been put on notice once again.   Hubert Elrington first explained to this Nation that the PUP was nothing but a criminal gang that entered politics.  We have a long list of the very bad things that the PUP has done.  They sold the Ports, Airport, BEL, BTL (three times), WASA, V.O.A. compound to a PUP area rep. who used a DFC loan, which was written off.  The same compound was then sold to a Canadian for millions!  They sold the old Customs and Immigration compound at Santa Elena border for ten dollars to cronies who resold it for a million dollars to the casinos!  They sold the rights to IMARBE for .5 million.  They lent Godfrey first million of your money, then a further million; he never paid the money back!  They lent Novelo million in one day and never recovered that money! They bankrupted DFC and also bankrupted the Workers’ Pension Scheme. They raided SSB. They paid a private loan for Universal Health with public funds. They lost million gambling on foreign exchange futures. They gave away Fort Barley. They gave exclusive rights to Fort Point Tourism Village to Feinstein to be the only docking place for tourists. They gave thousands of acres to cronies. They gave bloated contracts to cronies.  They gave away million that came from Venezuela for housing for poor people. They used another million from Venezuela to pay off cronies’ private loans.  DoDo Bird Cordel ran a kiddies’ university scholarship scam. PUP wrote off .34 million pocketed by Eamon’s father. They issued drilling concessions and received kickbacks. The BIGGEST WHAP of all is the SUPER BOND! Really, really bad.

Now, a Big Mouth Macal River Bay Snook is coming up from that river’s bottom to tell us all that the Alligators have bellyache!  Putting this another way, Julius has just left the Thieves’ Lair to warn each and every voter that the PUP has a solemn plan to include ALL the VULTURES in their next attack on the Jewel.  They cannot wait for 2020.  We see the attacks coming daily: Wil Maheia and his idiotic followers, Pious Eamon attacking our good government from the right (Aschroft) and the left (Hearing), confused Wade hiding under a cassock and free press to play partisan political ball, disingenuous Luke, revisionist X and prickly Mose.  Indeed when Kremandala came up with the scheme to use Luke and the union to try to gain power all prickly Mose could see in his head was $$$ and bodies.  Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us the vast sums of monies that he thought Luke could use to bail out the cash strapped KREM TV was after all Trust money and truly belonged to those Teachers and Civil Servants who suffered from the wage/increment freeze, and as such was NOT actually available.   In fact, every cent of principal and interest must be accounted for.   Only Luke knows how he will explain to the court why he was giving out grants and loans to friends, families and cronies.  Similarly, during the actual strike, there were some very wise teachers who wanted nothing to do with Luke’s power grab and his political partisanship.  They made sure that they stayed as far away as possible, thus Prickly Mose, X and Luke could not achieve the numbers that they needed to affect this Good UDP Government!

I vividly remember that Price used to jam Belizean families into TINY houses.  Roots Belizeans got minimal land from him while thousands of acres were given to a ‘special’ few. He talked green revolution but made sure that we did not get any help whatsoever, now custard apple and soursop are selling for as high as $8.00 a pound.  Tiny yards and houses, the old useless nonfunctional civic center and the leaning independence houses… are vivid reminders of the 68 (2017 – 1949) years of the “thiefing, wutless PUP!”

Beautiful new streets, drains, sidewalks, bridges, functional sporting complexes, effective housing project, far reaching pro poor programs, new street lights, expansion of water services, upgraded airports, a strong, growing economy and the very beautiful spanking new Civic center proves UDP truth and honesty over PUP falsehood and thievery!

Yes, some are saying that Julius talks too much!  Some are very angry with him, in the same way that they are angry with Godfrey Smith’s book!  Every voter needs to understand that the many criticisms Julius levies against Johnny and the PUP are 100% accurate.  Furthermore, his clear warning is there for all of us to hear – the vultures that destroyed our economy on two separate occasions, requiring first Esquivel and then Barrow to fix things are waiting… The PUP plan is NOT to bring back the millions, and millions, and millions, and millions, and millions… Johnny complained bitterly about. No sir, the mission is to bring back the vultures; their return will destroy everything good that we see around us now…  We must heed the fish’s warning, we must do everything in our power to block the vultures.   Not ever voting for the “thiefing, wutless PUP” is our BEST DEFENSE!  The voters can SAVE the Jewel…