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Thursday, 08 June 2017 00:00

Increasing worries about the whereabouts and the welfare of a couple from Corozal who were missing for almost a week turned to tragedy after their bodies were found. Sometime after 2:00p.m. search parties who have been looking for them for days , came up on the discovery near the dump site in the Consejo area of Corozal.

32 year-old Zeidy Orozco, a resident of San Andres Village, and 41 year-old Balthazar Lopez, a resident of Ranchito Village, were last seen on Thursday night, June 1. Orozco left her home in her Chevy Prism car to meet up with him at the Machies Pool Spot in Corozal Town. She left at around 8 p.m., and persons in Corozal town say that they saw her pick up Lopez, her boyfriend. They were later seen socializing near the Corozo Blues area.

The next morning, the families of both Orozco and Lopez realized that they did not come home that night. Orozco’s brother-in-law, Troy Ferguson, told the press that she takes care of her daughter and her father, and so it was very unusual for her to not return home. He says that she takes her responsibilities very seriously, and it’s not like her to stay out like that. Lopez’s family, on the other hand, also say that they became worried when he didn’t report to work. He is the contractor in charge of a job in front of a family member’s house, and when he didn’t show up on Friday, June 1, at 8 a.m., they became concerned. This was also payday, and it was very unusual that he would shirk his responsibility.

So, both families went to make missing persons reports with Corozal police, and they got the first very worrisome news later that afternoon. Police discovered Orozco’s car completely destroyed by fire. It was found in a cane field about 2 and a half miles outside of Patchakan Village, in area off the road which connects the Yo Chen Village to Patchakan. The area is remote and hard to reach without the right directions, and the destruction of the vehicle, plus the appearance that it was discarded, gaves rise to concerns that the couple was harmed.

Both families immediately formed into search parties and they searched until the end of daylight on Friday. They’ve consistently searched from the break of dawn until Wednesday afternoon, day 6 when the couple’s bodies were found.