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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 08 June 2017 00:00

All over the country, students are preparing to make their steps toward one of their milestones: graduation. Those probably even more excited are those that have received awards and other recognition for their four years of hard work. Unfortunately, the technical salutatorian of the 2017 graduating class of Wesley College High School will not get the opportunity to bask in her glory. Kiana Henkis, who received the second highest GPA for her graduating year, was stripped of her title as salutatorian. The ordeal took place in Henkis’s second term in her fourth year. What begun as, described by Henkis as, “youthful indiscretion” soon became one of the biggest mistakes and undoubtedly one with the most unfortunate consequences.

Henkis, in an article posted on Facebook, describes her final year in college as a very emotionally trying time.  To cope with academic struggles and peer pressure, she made the mistake of taking and sharing revealing photos and videos of herself. Those were shared to a ‘friend’ who in turn privately shared them to other people. Those people then publicly shared the images of Henkis on Facebook and other social media. The college’s Board of Management somehow got wind of the situation and decided that she had committed the “unpardonable sin.” She was punished on the double by firstly being denied the opportunity to give her salutatorian speech at graduation in addition to previously receiving an exclusion and not being able to wear her Head Girl badge. Her name was also not published on the Top 5 list. The student who originally placed third has since been recognized as salutatorian.

Henkis’s family has the issue that she was punished twice for her one offense. She was not reprimanded with much mercy as compared to other students that have before committed equal or worse faults. Henkis took to Facebook not only to complain but also to warn people, girls especially, that there are consequences to our actions. According to Henkis, the real bullies are those members of the Board of Management. In her words, the made “unfair, unjust, and even unlawful decisions that deprived (her) of all (my) achievements…”; “they seem to make up rules as they go along, and override their own policies, which should govern (us) as students, all to suit their agenda.”