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Thursday, 08 June 2017 00:00

The Ministry of Education has announced the results for the 2017 Primary School Examinations.  This year’s top performer is Curt Smith from Bernice Yorke followed by Suamein Palacio from Belize Elementary School and Devyne Lopez from Punta Gorda Methodist.

According to the ministry a total of 7,271 students registered to sit the exam while 7,077 actually sat them on April 3rd and May 2.  Of the persons who took the exam 3,558 were male representing 49.8% while 3,585 or 50.2% were female. There were 121 less students taking the exam than last year.

The exam tests primary school students competency in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. This year there was a slight improvement in performance of students in English with the average number of students receiving a 57.9% grade. That is a .1 percent increase over last year’s performance which was 57.8%.

In math 37% of the students scored satisfactorily or better which is a 2% increase over last year’s scores. In Social Studies 31% scored in the excellent range which is a marked improvement from last year when only 21% scored in this range. The average score also went up from 63.7 to 68.1% having most students scoring in the excellent range in this subject.

While there was great improvement in Social Studies, there was significant slippage in Science where last year 70% scored satisfactorily to 58% this year. That now has the excellent range fall from 28% to 13% in this subject.