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Thursday, 08 June 2017 00:00

Proverbs 17:27-28

27 He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.

28 Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.


The more we hear Johnny Briceño speak, we are becoming more convinced that his elevator does not go all the way up to the top floor. This gentleman has been the ORATOR of some of the most ASSININE STATEMENTS, we have heard in modern times. We at no time ever did suspect that we would one day be missing Said Musa or Francis Fonseca. Say what one wants to say about Said but he can never be accused of being a fool. Even though he took us for fools, he was certainly no fool. The same cannot be said about Francis, but he was not one to be making an ass of himself, by putting his foot in his mouth on a regular basis, because he kept his shortcomings by not saying very much.

During the Monday Evening Newscast Johnny Briceño really exposed himself for all the world to see. According to what we have unearthed so far, the media caught up with Johnny in San Ignacio on Saturday. Apparently the PUP had organized a tour for Johnny to visit the PUP faithful of the Cayo District. However like was reported by Francis Bacon, in his 1625 Essays, entitled Mahomet called the Hill to come to Mohamet . It was reported that the mountains never went to see Mohammed, so Mohammed went to see the mountains. History must have repeated itself on Saturday because no one came out to see Johnny so he had to be taken to the market, where the people were gathered, as is the Saturday morning tradition in Cayo when residents come out to do their shopping and or just to socialize. How deceptive can the PUP be to try and create an illusion that the crowd of shoppers were there to see Johnny. We guessed that they did not want to appear to have been outnumbered by the amount of people who showed during the recent visit of the DPM Hon Patrick Faber.

Apparently Johnny does not understand many things, from the function of the two chambers of the National Assembly, to who is an officer of which chamber, to who is in charge of which chamber. He spoke about the incident involving Brian “Yellow man” Audinett. Then he spoke about the revocation of Hon Edmond Castro’s Visas. He also spoke about Hon John Saldivar and the incident involving the Coast Guard boat. The Senate Investigation also got some airtime. We will not at this time be elaborating on the things he said on those issues because his statements were so out there that we will not waste time, ink, paper or brain power on them. We certainly won’t punish you, our readers by rehashing the gibberish he uttered. All we will say is that that gentleman needs a lot of guidance and perhaps treatment.

However his most Asinine statements were directed towards the Prime Minister and the BTL Settlement and those exorbitant Legal Fees the Ashcroft Alliance is now trying to claim. Apparently Johnny has been overcome with joy at the possibility that his FAMILY’S Business Partner could cripple the Belizean Treasury and make life difficult for each and every Belizean .We don’t know what benefit he and or his party could derive from such Justice. It is an agreement that he signed. He as an attorney and his law partner Rodwell Williams, both of them are senior counsel, they can understand legal language. They know what they signed. To me it is a sham. He knew what he is signing. Now he wants to give the impression to the Belizean people as if he is fighting for them, because has been proudly stating ‘see I’m going to get this special trust fund for the Belizean people and we the government are going to take out monies from that so we can do something for the Belizean people.’ Just to find out that almost all of the money is going to pay the legal fees.”

We don’t know who advised Johnny on how legal costs are derived or how The PM and our team would have anticipated that Ashcroft and his legal team which include Johnny’s friend/ advisor/ confidant/ right hand and brain, Senator Eamon Courtenay, was going to try and pull a fast one on us? Perhaps because of his closeness with Courtenay, Johnny knows more than he has told us about those costs. There is also the possibility that he knew long before us what they would try. In his celebrating he did not stop to figure out that the court won’t allow itself to be used by any litigant to use the cover of legal fees to gouge the other party in order to achieve what was not achieved through LITIGATION or by a settlement. The courts will only allow what is fair and normal cost.

We must teach Johnny a little bit of Mathematics, however a difficult task it may be. Let us say that the Ashcroft Alliance’s Legal team were working 18 hours per day, every day for the eight years from the time of the BTL acquisition up until last September. At one of the highest rates per hour of $1500 BZE, for legal fees, that would work out to, just under 80 million Belize Dollars. Now we are not saying that the legal cost should be anything like that price, but we were only being generous, to the point of almost being ridiculous. Compare it to the 22 million our government paid in legal cost and other charges, for both sides for the last SUPERBOND renegotiation. Consider that the Superbond involved three times as much money so how could the LEGAL FEES for the BTL settlement cost eleven times as much as that of the Superbond?

Johnny needs to be mindful that if his good friend Courtenay is successful in getting the CCJ to agree to pay the Ashcroft Alliance, the almost 250 million we have heard is the cost being sought, it is not Dean Barrow who will be asked to pay that money but it is the people of Belize who will foot that bill. Two hundred and fifty million could build and pave around 500 miles of all weather farm roads. Those farmers would be able to get to and from their farms much easier and that would take down their operation cost, resulting in cheaper prices of the products. Or it could build 10,000 houses at a cost of $25,000. Those houses could shelter 60,000 POOR BELIZEANS. Yes those same Belizeans that he expects to vote for him and his party. We need those monies for social programs to help the poor. This is not about a political agenda. It is about the survival of our people. With all the hardship the PUP visited on this country in the past, Johnny and his party need to stand up for this country for a change.