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Thursday, 08 June 2017 00:00

The family of 27 year-old Jerson Carballo, brother to the well-known musician and soca performer Ernestine Carballo, are mourning his loss after he was shot and killed on his way home. He was known as a church man who tried to encourage others to seek out Christianity, but his killer gunned him down as if he was part of the street life he reportedly avoided.

According to police, at around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 6, Carballo was riding his bike, heading toward his home. That’s unfortunately when he was gunned down by an assailant who shot him in the head, the chest, and the back. He had only just left his cousin’s house, and he was only a short distance from his McKay Boulevard home. It is believed that he was listening to his music when he was attacked at the corner of Electric and Lawrence Avenues. He ended up dying right in the street where he fell.

His rather cruel murder has caught his family and friends off-guard because they know him as a person who keeps away from trouble. In fact, he was reportedly a fan of gospel music, and he was known to try to convince other youths to join church and seek out God.

His elder sister, Ernestine Carballo, told the press, “He didn’t even know or didn’t expect that this would happen to him where they would take his life so shortly, so unexpectedly, so suddenly.”

He was also an employee of the Radisson Fort George Hotel, and he was known to work late into the night. He had recently come off his shift for that Monday night, before going to his cousin’s house. His mother, Therese Lightburn, said that she always encouraged her children to come home as soon as they could, because the streets can be very dangerous in the night.

Police are investigating, but they haven’t made any arrests as yet. They haven’t been able to establish why Jerson was murdered, but they assert that his death was not as a result of gang violence.

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