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Thursday, 08 June 2017 00:00

For a period of about 3 months some years ago, Residents of Orange Walk Town had to travel to Corozal to purchase tickets for ADO to Merida / Cancun.  I still recall the little outlet right in front of the Corozal bus terminal where we had to go to get our tickets if we wanted to catch the bus here in OW at 8 pm at night.

One time I arrived in Corozal during the lunch hour and had to wait at the bus terminal for the store to open. A neatly dressed young man sat beside me and asked, ‘aren’t you the guy who likes to write fool in the Guardian every week?” I told him I don’t know about every week, but, yes, I am an expert in that field. My sarcasm having been lost on him, he continued his conversation  that he used to be a flag bearer for the UDP in Corozal but since the national election victory they had turned their backs on him and now he had no time for them and would never vote for them again.

I just listened because unlike the PUP, supporters of the UDP always return under the Red Tent “when things get hot”.  Today Wednesday I went to Chets for therapy on a bus, and saw my once upset fried, whose name I do not know, in a Lily white shirt at the same bus terminal,   only now he is the big kahuna in that territory,   I bet the next election he will have that big, dotted red, white, and blue waving at rallies.  I have another very good buddy in Corozal, Efrain ”Panya” Gomez. He too once railed never to support the UDP again, just after his boss, Mayor Campos, lost a convention against Hon. Pablo Marin. The following election “Panya” had a bold, red, white and blue billowing in the wind on his roof.

Yesterday, a very active and energetic UDP campaigner here in OW Central who had resigned from the Party two years ago because he did not agree with the Party’s choice for standard bearer for OW Central said he was ready to once again pound the macadam for the UDP for the upcoming municipals. We need all the help we can get in Central my buddy. Your friends in the organizing committee will be happy to hear of your decision.

Also yesterday, the SON of one of my close neighbors and dear friend allegedly committed suicide. I often saw the young man around in the neighborhood and would hear from his dad how well he was doing at his job, but I guess no one knew what tribulations were tormenting young Robert. If he did not share his torment with his parents or siblings, then he took these to his grave. What a pity! The young man had so much potential, we lost a dedicated, trained and educated Belizean with his passing. May he rest in peace and may God send special blessings on his parents in their time of bereavement. Take care fellow Belizeans.