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Thursday, 15 June 2017 00:00

Assistant Police Superintendent Rochelle Chan has testified before the Senate Select Committee that Alvarine Burgess told blatant lies about him. He has insisted forcefully that her fictional narrative of him as an immigration hustler has unfairly hurt his reputation.

Readers will remember that on Wednesday, May 31, Burgess went to testify in the Senate Hearings on Immigration. She used that opportunity to maul the reputations of Chan, Ministers Edmond Castro and Anthony “Boots” Martinez, and Immigration Officer George Reynolds. She claims that she was once an immigration agent, and that Rochelle Chan recruited her into bribing ministers to recommend Chinese nationals for visas, so that their applications get guaranteed approval.

She spun this fantastical story that Chan approached her and told her that there was big money getting visas for Chinese nationals. She said that he showed her the ropes of how it works. She claimed that Chan acted as a sort of handler. He got the clients who wanted to pay bribes for these recommendation letters from sitting UDP ministers. He then came to her with envelopes containing the Chinese passports, the application documents for the visa process, and the $2,000 owed to the Government of Belize. In another envelope was the $2,000 of supposed bribery money for Edmond Castro that was allegedly paid for each application.

She said that Castro was paid, and the recommendation letter was drafted, and Burgess picked it up. From there, Burgess supposedly took the applications over the Belmopan Immigration Department’s office, and she went specifically to Immigration Officer George Reynolds who processed the application. She claims that within days, the visas were approved, and she went to pick the passports and their new Belize visas inside. She claimed that she then took it over Chan, and she was paid $1,500 for that operation. That supposedly happened for months.

The Senate Select Committee put each part of Burgess’ laughable and absurdly made up story to Rochelle Chan, and he asserted that it is completely false. As a matter of fact, he claims that he only met her twice, and both times, she was begging him for money. When asked why she would make up this whole story against him, he suggested that she was on a political agenda, and she chose him simply because he is Elvin Penner’s brother-in-law. Readers are aware that Penner is associated with allegations of corrupt dealings within the immigration department, and anytime his name is thrown into the mix, any story he is tied to sounds more believable.

The Senate Committee called Carlos Perdomo back to the stand, at the insistence of Business Senator Mark Lizarraga. He wasted his time, the Senate’s time, Cabinet Secretary’s time, and the public’s with an hour long barrage of questions that simply went nowhere.

The Committee also called Immigration Officer Ady Pacheco to testify but she requested that her questioning be put off until next week, when her attorney will be able to make himself available.


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