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Thursday, 15 June 2017 00:00

A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist. The awarding of Profit Sharing Agreements for petroleum exploration (PSA) should have been standard. However, according to complaints made to the US Embassy contriving persons in Belize took advantage of their position and connections to turn the process into a racket. The seriousness is that the facilitator or perpetrators of such crimes deliberately institute hurdles or stumbling blocks in a simple process that would see innocent businesses eventually seeking their help to eliminate the hurdles.

The resolving of these hurdles would normally involve exchange of items of value or cash payments, normally untraceable. There are those cases however when desperate facilitators risk transfer of funds through international wire. This sort of payments may constitute wire fraud.

Wire fraud is very similar to regular fraud, except that it takes place over phone lines or involves electronic communications. The legal definition of wire fraud has four elements:

? The defendant created or participated in a scheme to defraud another out of money;

? The defendant did so with intent to defraud;

? It was reasonably foreseeable that the defendant would use wire communications; and

? The defendant did in fact use interstate wire communications.

For the purposes of wire fraud, "interstate wire communications" could mean telephone calls, electronic communication such as fax machines or the internet, or even television. The following represents excerpts of US Embassy communications that were pirated by Wikkileaks. These communications were created December 13, 2007 and suggests that several current PUP officials may still be the subject of racketeering and wire fraud by the US Embassy. One being John Briceno, and the other a lawyer son of Said Musa. How many Lawyer son does Musa have?


U.S. Companies' Corruption Allegations


(C) LagoonResources, a U.S. company with experience in the oil sector on whose complaints we have previously reported (reftel), has alleged that a production contract the firm applied for was awarded to a local business with no oil exploration experience and that the deciding factor was a sizeable bribe paid to Johnny Briceno the then-Minister of Natural Resources. The firm claimed that the money was routed to the Minister through the purchase of a cable television business. These allegations subsequently became public when a letter the company wrote was leaked to the press by the opposition leader. On December 7 econ off met to discuss the case with former Minister Briceno who stated that he was planning to sue the company for libel.

(C) A second U.S. company, Miles Tropical Energy (MTE),claims to have actually paid a bribe and produced recordings it claims support the allegations. MTE principal Allen Saum told econoff (as well as the press) that he paid US $100,000 to obtain an oil production contract. Saum stated that the wired funds to Belize and that his Belizean business partner delivered the money in cash to Prime Minister Said Musa's driver/bodyguard. MTE stated that Musa's son facilitated the exchange and served as local attorney for the company.

Note that the transmissions are saying that Leader of The Opposition John Briceno wagged his tail to US Embassy in Belmopan to plea his case. Briceno has since promised to sue the Company and to provide evidence of financing for those cable companies. That promise was to Jules Vasquez on September 6, 2013. It certainly speaks loudly that Briceno has neither sued the company nor brought forth evidence of financing for those cable companies. This is so loud its deafening, since this very same Briceno is holding himself out as a candidate for Prime Minister of this country. If he does not consider his reputation noteworthy, why should BELIZE trust him? To top it off a Musa son who is a lawyer that may be sitting on the other side with him may also be guilty of facilitating racketeering and wire fraud. These are serious crimes by US Standards, so why is the US playing cat and mouse with these two gentlemen? These are crimes now commonly linked to terrorism.