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Thursday, 15 June 2017 00:00

Two men, one from San Pedro and the other from Corozal, will have to stand trial at the Supreme Court for the offenses of 13 counts of possession of false documents. They were found in possession of nationality certificates that they were not entitled to have.

The men are Marcos Basto, 42-year-old unemployed resident of Corozal Town, and Mark Antonio Rosalez, 31-year-old unemployed resident of San Pedro Town. In November 2015, the duo was charged jointly with 13 counts of possession of false documents.

At their PI case on June 13, 2017, their case was committed to stand trial at the Supreme Court for June 2017. That session is set to commence June 20, 2017.

At the PI neither of the men was represented. Basto, who has been granted bail of $2,000 by the lower court, was allowed to go home. Rosalez, whose bail was revoked in April 2017, was remanded back to prison since he is viewed as a flight risk after missing court hearings. When asked why he did not come to his bail hearing, Rosalez told Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith that he received threats to his life and that he reported the matter to the San Ignacio Police Station.

Prosecutor in the case, Cpl. Kennard Clark, is relying on as many as 10 witness statements and reports along with several documentary exhibits in the form of a caution statement given by both accused men, warrants for the arrest of both accused men, search warrants issued to search their homes, nationality certificates, a recorded interview with Basto, custody forms, and copies of national certificates.