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Thursday, 15 June 2017 00:00

A Belize City security guard, David Reneau, employed with the Radisson Fort George Hotel is the latest robbery victim after he intervened whilst his work place was being robbed. The robber has been identified as Phillip McLaren, a security guard himself. McLaren appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on June 14, 2017 where he was read two charges, one count of attempted robbery and one count of robbery upon Reneau.

According to the police report, CIB personnel responded to information of a robbery at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. There they spoke to Shakira Brown, a receptionist that said two male persons entered and asked the price for renting a room for the night. One of the men stood on the counter and suddenly pulled a gun at her. The gunman began searching the drawer and demanded money. He was joined by his partner in crime who demanded the keys to the drawer. She told them that there was none and it was at this time that David Reneau walked in and noticed what was happening. He was held at gunpoint and forced to hand over his hand held radio valued at $750 and his cell phone.

In court, McLaren pleaded not guilty to the two charges. He was unrepresented in court and told the Chief Magistrate that he was brutalized by CIB personnel. He claims that they tortured him so that he would give an implicating statement. They also burned him and he was denied the right to seek medical attention while in custody.

McLaren’s case was adjourned for August 29, 2017 but before he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison, the Chief Magistrate ordered that he be taken immediately for treatment.