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Thursday, 15 June 2017 00:00

I want to be as blunt as possible this week without being offensive. These weekly million dollar battles with the avaricious Ashcroft Alliance over all the rotten monkeyshine deals he concocted under the 1998-2008 Musa Administration are getting wearisome and vexing. From the BTL issue to the Universal Healthcare hustle, Belizeans are so fed up that they are now making all kinds of comments. I will mention a couple of these remarks later in the essay but what I cannot skip is the fact that WinkyGrab is having a field day with the UDP on his incongruously-named Monday night talk show.

Grab, a former BTL computer repairman at BTL turned DFC General Manager, or some other fancy position under the said PUP Administration, is employing 20/20 hindsight to analyze the BTL and Universal Healthcare issues. What is so exasperating about hearing Grab and his sidekick Tonto offer criticism is that under the former’s tenure at DFC this noble institution cashed with many PUP scallywags getting away with hundreds of thousands of dollars each, paid for by our taxes.  Some say that he authorized millions in under-securitized loans to PUP Party operatives who defaulted and which eventually bankrupted the DFC.  This very same person who literally gave away a billion dollars of our money has no right to offer financial advice to the public in trying to fool us that he is so wizardly with public sector finances.

Now back to BTL.  People are now questioning why we are sacrificing so much by spending $0.5 billion of money the country needs for development to safeguard 600 employees. Some say: Forget BTL- give it up, and then legislate Ashcroft off the Belizean landscape.

As to Universal Healthcare, I heard a crazy suggestion that we should pay the bloody loan and nationalize the hospital, let the man challenge that one after we have paid the debt to see who owns the hospital then. These deals made by Musa and Fonseca should always remain on our minds each time an election comes around. Those thieving PUP gave our country away to enrich themselves.  Never again should this crowd be allowed back in Belmopan except to renew their passports.

The other revolting issue is this FFB infighting. Mein, what is there so much as president of the FFB to warrant an appeal in Switzerland!? Personally I am wary of the costs to litigate right here in Belize but these guys are talking about hiring international attorneys and going to Switzerland!  Jeez!

In local news, I heard that the UDP in OWT have put together a slate for March 7, 2018.  That’s good news. I also hear that my friend and former youth group colleague, Robert Checky Usher, will be vying for the Mayoral seat.  Checkers has my full support as does the rest of the team. They have a long, arduous road ahead.   But with inspiration and perspiration all is possible. Remember here in OW town a big wig UDP is actually assisting the incumbent PUP’s. Imagine!