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Thursday, 22 June 2017 00:00

A familiar local saying is that you can take a hog out the mud but one cannot take the mud out of the hog. There are those amongst us whom are attention seekers, and would go to any lengths to receive attention. Self promoters and aggrandizers they are. One such person has been recently dubbed the Facebook bully. This person lurks around on social media looking for any opportunity to invade and literally take over conversations. The individual could be very opinionated and obnoxious in a very partisan and rude manner. Some are of the opinion that because of a lack of court room appearances, the bully tries to remain in readiness form by honing argumentative skills of social media.

Over the last year or so, two senior members of the local legal fraternity have been recognized by their peers in the Caribbean with placement as jurist at the CCJ and at a sister Caribbean Nation. These two distinguished gentlemen had no need to self-promote their elevated status, that came naturally and their peers were more that pleased to offer commendations. Their deeds and accomplishment as members of the legal fraternity spoke volumes.

Recently the Facebook bully who also is a member of the frocked community went on the social media circuit patting herself on the back. The bully was apparently bragging that through some lobbying she was added to some tribunal. The tribunal apparently hears matters of labor dispute for a prestigious organization. It is somewhat akin to the Belize Advisory Council. In other words, do not expect any earthshaking precedent making decisions.

How did the nation become aware of this appointment? The facebook bully splayed it all over social media. The individual was so overcome with excitement it took two hands to pat herself on the back. One would have thought having been conferred a position as a small time jurist, that this person would have showed a marked change in objectivity and impartiality. Not so! This jurist can be seen on social media licking shots on private citizens. The venom even extended to questioning the integrity of fellow lawyer Chester Williams.

Goes to show, a bully dressed in robe is still a bully.