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Thursday, 22 June 2017 00:00

In the last General Elections, a candidate appeared in the Albert constituency claiming to be a doctor. At the time the fellow went by the name of Doctor Jose Espat and nobody questioned the veracity of his claim to be a doctor. In fact he was even employed at the KHMH under the assumption that he was a real MD. Low and behold, research done by the Belize Medical Council verified this man’s credentials or lack thereof, and it was found out that he did not possess a doctor’s degree.

With that he was dismissed from the KHMH and told he would not be able to practice medicine in Belize. He sulked for a bit and then somehow wiggled his way to work alongside one of Belize’s pre-eminent pathologists. Again the Medical Council caught up with this fellow who by now was going by the name Jose Espat Uc or Jose Uc Espat or some variation of the combination of those names. Again he had to be reminded that he was not an MD and again he was told he could not practice in the medical field.

Now this fellow has been so vocal on social media calling out on people claiming corruption when by any standard what he was doing- impersonating a medical doctor is the true true definition of corruption.