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Thursday, 22 June 2017 00:00

Huge improvements in concrete and other works at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan over the last ninety days have been widely welcomed by both managers and the clients that are served. Works done by a multinational team, which included twenty Belize Defense Force soldiers from the light engineering company, have increased the hospital’s capacity to respond to a larger number of clients.

Chief of Staff at the Western Regional Hospital Dr. Rene Godoy maintains that the hospital saw some four to five hundred patients per month on average last year, but that number has jumped to nine hundred to a thousand patients per month this year. Also, the population that the Western Regional Hospital serves has also jumped from 60,000 to over 100,000 in just a short time.

As a result of recently ended Beyond Horizon 2017, which involved over a hundred and fifty officers from the U.S Army South, along with B.D.F personnel, (sometimes toiling in 104 degrees Fahrenheit)  the new emergency room at the Western Regional Hospital is now a  reality and has a capacity for four additional beds. The new emergency room now has an isolation room for persons with communicable diseases.

More principally, the Western Regional Hospital will now be able to save some fifty thousand dollars per year, because it now has its own incinerator,  which was built by South Com to get rid of hospital waste. Previously the hospital had to rely on open air incineration under the supervision of the public health department.

Speaking about the improvements at the Western Regional Hospital, Ms. Adrienne Galanek, Charge de’ Affaires at the United States Embassy, which facilitated South Com’s recent works has said: “I am heartened every time that I come to the hospital, the doctors and nurses and staff work every day with dedication and pride to provide the best possible health services to those who need care the most and they are often the most vulnerable who need it with the most limited resources.

“The Beyond The Horizon partnership and our colleagues at South Com, we really appreciate the infrastructure support that you bring… is 11.5 million dollars… the dedication and love that you put in each and every day is really what is priceless…”

According to the Hon. Angel Campos, Minister of State for Health, the Ministry of Health is now planning to put in a brand new polyclinic at the Western Region “…to give better service.”  Dr. Rene Godoy has also announced that the light engineering company from the B.D.F, in cooperation with the US Army South, US Southern Command and the U.S Embassy, will build a new admission room to connect the existing hospital to the newly constructed emergency room.

The ability for the Western Regional Hospital to respond to emergencies has now been greatly bolstered through the joint efforts of many entities.  The Western Regional Hospital now also has improved access thanks to thirty truck loads of sand and gravel from the Belmopan City Council, which also committed $20,000.00 for the parking lot.

The project that contributed to the improvements at the Western Regional Hospital also included numerous NGOs and private companies from the United States and Belize; with most of the fulcrum coming from Beyond the Horizon. With a formal end in Belize District on Thursday of last week, Beyond the Horizon was a collaborative training exercise between the U.S. Army South, the Belize Defence Force (BDF), the Ministries of Defence, Health, and Education, as well as partner nations, such as Trinidad and Tobago and Colombia.