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Thursday, 22 June 2017 00:00

An Orange Walk man is free of the charge of theft after his trial concluded in the Supreme Court on June 16, 2017 after a jury of 9 found him not guilty before Judge Adolph Lucas. That man is Juan Angel Muñoz, a 31-year-old resident of Orange Walk Town.

The allegation made against Muñoz is that between the period of June 19 and October 10, 2010, he stole $137,916.46 from Caye Supplies, an appliance company located on San Pedro. At the time, Muñoz was the manager of the company.

Prosecutor Porsha Staine-Ferguson called five witnesses to the stand. The crown’s main witness was the company’s then General Manager, Claudia Barbosa. She testified in court that while conducting the audit for the company, she found that funds were being misappropriated. Barbosa told the court that Muñoz was stealing money from the company through its daily sales. After he collected monies from the cashier, he was to deposit the cash, but he wasn’t depositing all the cash.

There was a confession letter in which Muñoz had signed an agreement with his boss where he admitted to stealing money.

Despite Barbosa’s testimony and the signed confession, the jury deliberated for over an hour and found Muñoz not guilty.

The trial against Muñoz, where he was represented by attorney Anthony Sylvester, began on May 23, 2017 and concluded on June 16, 2017, when the prosecution closed its case.