NEMO Minister opens Caribbean and Latin American Workshop for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on Continuity of Business and Operations after Disasters Print E-mail
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Thursday, 29 June 2017 00:00

Minister of National Emergency Management Hon Edmond Castro delivered the opening address at a workshop for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the Caribbean and Latin America on continuity of business and operations after disasters, which got underway on Wednesday at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City.

The workshop is conducted in compliance with the Work Programme for 2017 approved by the Latin American Council of SELA (Sistema Económico Latinoamericano y del Caribe). It seeks to provide participants with a vision of the risks and vulnerabilities to which MSMEs and their suppliers of goods and services are exposed, and how an adverse event could affect the continuity of their business and operations; raise awareness about the need to adopt a methodology or guidelines for effective risk management in their business model, and to provide a strategy that facilitates the articulation and implementation of a programme on continuity of business and operations in case of disasters; and provide MSMEs with practical knowledge that allows them to apply the rules and standards for continuity of business and operations within their enterprises.”

In his opening remarks, Hon Edmond Castro stated, “It is hoped that today and over the next couple of days we can raise awareness and explore risks and vulnerabilities to which you and your suppliers are exposed, so we can better understand how natural hazards and their consequences affect business continuity. I am sure we will recognize the importance of adopting effective risk management methodologies as part of your strategy to ensure stability of your businesses in times of disasters. All this, of course, must be driven by practical knowledge of the most prudent Disaster Risk Reduction measures and standards applicable to the various hazard situations we experience in our region. We anticipate that this opportunity will become an enduring engagement as we make progress for our region on very important Disaster Risk Management matters related to business continuity. I hope you get a chance to enjoy our very beautiful country and people. My country is your country. Mi país es su país.”

The three-day workshop is attended by representatives from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of member states of SELA from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, representatives of MSME associations and experts in the field.

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