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Thursday, 29 June 2017 00:00

The Police Department has received a very generous donation from the US Embassy in Belmopan. They now have 3 boats, and these maritime assets will be used by the Anti Narcotics Unit (ANU), which was once known as the Anti-Drug Unit (ADU). It’s a donation worth US 9,000, almost a million Belize dollars.

These vessels are 3 Colombian boats which were seized by Belizean law enforcement, 2 by the coast guard, and 1 by the Anti-Narcotics Unit. They were then transferred to the US Embassy, and their law enforcement professionals retro-fitted them with state-of-the-art electronic communications and navigational equipment.

The vessels were handed over to the Department on Friday, June 23, in an official ceremony which was held at the Coast Guard headquarters in Belize City. That’s when the US Embassy’s Chargé d’ Affaires, Adrienne Galanek and Police Commissioner Allen Whylie signed the official documents finalizing the donation to the police department.

The Commissioner told the press that he expects that the ANU will put these assets to good use in the performance of their duties.

When asked about the donation, the Commissioner commented, “They are leading the charge in terms of our anti-drug fighting efforts. And I’m certain that now that they have these vessels they’ll be put to proper use to work in a collaborative fashion with other law enforcement agencies while also they’ll be able to operate independently on their own. And I’m certain that will lead to continued success at that unit.”