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Thursday, 29 June 2017 00:00

The Football Federation of Belize could not hold its 10th ordinary congress over the weekend because majority of the congress members protested and refused to show up.

So, at press time tonight, the FFB continues to be governed by an executive that is forced to carry on with the business of the richest sporting federation in the land.

There were two important agenda items which couldn’t be addressed. First, the Congress was supposed to elect a new executive to run the Federation for the next 4 years. Also, the Federation needed its budget funding approved by the congress members to run its functions, but because the congress had to be canceled, there is now uncertainty about funding to carry out its business.

As readers are aware, the Congress members most likely boycotted the congress in support of Sergio Chuc. He believes that he was unfairly disqualified from running for the presidency by the FFB Electoral Committee and the Appeals Committee on baseless allegations of bribery. He has started an appeal process before the Court of Arbitration for Sports, which could take months to run its course. In the interim, he appealed to the congress members to absent themselves from congress, which would force a postponement of the elections.

Acting President Marlon Kuylen and his executive tried twice on Saturday, June 24, and the following day, Sunday, and in both instances, the Congress had to be aborted. There were representatives from the regional bodies of CONCACAF and FIFA who flew in to witness the elections personally, and like the football executives, they wasted their time, all because of political infighting among the would-be leaders.

It is unclear if this failed Congress will cause the Federation to face sanctions from FIFA, because the mandate to hold a congress could not be met. The CONCACAF representative, Marco Leal, told the press on Saturday that from his perspective, he doesn’t foresee any such consequence of the boycott, because the FFB statutes do give congress members the right not to attend.

What it means though is that Belize is a troubled member-state of CONCACAF and FIFA. Marco Leal did say, “I will like to stress and like I told the congress for the past 3 elections we encountered tensions here in Belize. It’s always the same situation. We want to look toward the future of Belize, towards the development of football in the country and sometimes this politics gets in the way and hinder the normal operation of the federation.”

Another concern that football enthusiasts have about the aborted Congress from the weekend is if it will cripple the Federation’s spending power

There is uncertainty about it’s budget which needed to have been approved. Senior Football executives say that the next subvention from FIFA, which makes up more that 71% the FFB’s budget, is due next month. It is unclear if that subvention will be sent, or if it will be blocked due to the failed congress from this year.

An extraordinary congress will have to be called to elect an ethics committee, which will replace the current electoral committee. It is expected to be scheduled sometime within the next 6 months. Of note is that after that takes place it will open way for Chuc to put his name up once again to run as president  as it will signal a new process altogether.