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Thursday, 29 June 2017 00:00

Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. As important as it is to learn how to deal with different kinds of people, truly toxic people will never be worth your time and energy—and they take a lot of each. Toxic people create unnecessary complexity, strife, and, worst of all, stress.

Dr Travis Bradberry

In Belize there quite a few of those, TOXIC PERSONS. Moses Sulph, Geovanni Brackett, Jose Luis Uc Espat and Raymond Rivers, are only a few of those such person whom Belizeans find toxic, repulsive, pugnacious, repugnant or just people, that one should keep their distance from . So it was no surprise, that the turnout for a demonstration organized by Moses Sulph and some of the aforementioned toxic persons was so low. That turnout was proof positive of how much people prefer to stay away from anything associated with this gentleman. Perhaps it is because, he is so transparent, that people are able to see right through him and know, that he is some sort of sycophant, who is always seeking attention and status. After having crisscrossed the city and several districts in an effort to promote last Saturday’s protest march and rally, the turnout should have been higher. Another reason one would have expected  the turnout would have been higher was because the subject being highlighted,  was our low minimum wage.

Even though the subject was on the front burner and it impacted the lives of so many persons, Moses could not get, more than TWENTY (20) PEOPLE, to join him. Sulph had used the talk show circuit, by calling in to and making personal appearances on them. He also used the very popular social media avenue, via Facebook and it would seem like he had some major financial backing too. Moses Sulph even tried, a last minute plea on Saturday. He did a live Facebook Broadcast, pleading to Belizeans to join him. That plea was an emotional one too. Moses Sulph was almost in tears as he begged Belizeans to come out and join him. We don’t know Moses as being a man with great personal finance, in fact we don’t even know him to be a man with a JOB. So we assume, that someone else paid for those expensive banners , refreshments and remuneration for the few rented professional protesters who came out.

There is an old phrase about Belizeans coming out, for any parade. It has been said once two pans get knocked, Belizeans will come out, to have a look at that parade. However such was not the case on Saturday last. Not even the people who were out doing their Saturday routine, were interested in seeing the parade. Some folks did not even turn around to see what was going on behind them. People kept their attention focused on the Tacos Stands or in the shops, or in the stores and on the market stalls, as if though the commotion behind them was not even happening. Our hope for Moses Sulph is that he finally get it and realize that people don’t want him to lead them or be beside him or be followed by him. He should use the type of effort he exhorted for Saturday’s event, to perhaps find himself a JOB.