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Thursday, 29 June 2017 00:00

Akeem Guzman, a 21 year-old resident of San Ignacio Town, was shot and killed at a friend’s house during the weekend. He was socializing with a 16 year-old companion in his yard, and the killer used the opportunity to ambush him from the shadows.

Guzman’s brother and his mother recounted to the press that the last time they spoke to him was less than 2 hours before he was shot and killed. They say that he was over at their home, and his mother reportedly told him that it was getting late, and that he should be heading to his house. They say that he told them that he intended to go to the shop to buy cigarettes, and then, he would head straight home. It appears that on his way, he stopped by his 16-year-old friend’s house, and they socialized for a bit. That’s where the killer attacked.

Guzman’s friend is a resident of Flamingo Avenue in San Ignacio, and just before 1 a.m. on Sunday, June 25, the two were socializing in the yard just off the street.

Of note is that to get into this friend’s family yard, persons have to climb down a sort of hill, since their property is much lower than the paved street. So, most-likely, Guzman and the 16 year-old didn’t see the gunman, who was dressed in full black clothing and with a mask over his face. The shooter emerged and fired a single shot which injured Guzman in the back. Guzman reportedly retreated behind an outside bathroom, where he collapsed. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital, but unfortunately, he succumbed to the injury about an hour later. He suffered multiple organ failures.

Understandably, his mother, Geraldine Flores, is devastated by her son’s tragic and cruel death. Speaking with the press, Flores commented, “He wasn’t a saint, but don’t shoot him in the back…It hurts, because you took my son’s life. He can’t come back. But I leave everything in the hands of God. I am not a hateful person.”

She did acknowledge that he had prior encounters with the police, which they also confirmed, but she is convinced that he wasn’t associating with any kind of gangs. As to other possible reasons why he was targeted, she says that she saw no warning signs that would have caused her to intervene and try to counsel him.