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Thursday, 13 July 2017 00:00

At press time, police investigators out of Orange Walk have not criminally charged anyone in connection with the questionable discovery of over 100 uniforms for the Belize Defense Force (BDF). These military uniforms were supposed have been destroyed, but were not. The Financial Secretary has told the press that this is a “serious breech” in protocol, there are concerns that the BDF uniforms may have been intended for use in the crime underworld across the border.

The uniforms were discovered on Thursday, July 6, by a joint patrol of BDF soldiers and police officers. This patrol spotted a Mexican who intended to cross over into Botes, Mexico. That man had a bundle of these uniforms which were supposedly in a state of disrepair, and was supposed to have been destroyed. That man was detained, and after he was interrogated, he led the authorities to the Orange Walk home of Sarco Torres.  Torres was one of the persons in a gang hired by the Ministry of Finance to destroy almost 1,200 uniforms.

The patrol ended up searching the home of this man and found the 100 uniforms and a number of outboard engines, which the BDF had written off.

Photographs and videos have since been leaked to the press which purportedly shows that Sarco Torres was in communication with a senior officer of the BDF, who was attempting to get in touch with him. It is believed that this soldier was trying to be reached at a time when he was in custody of the police in Orange Walk, and the text messages suggests that the soldier was attempting to keep him informed about the movements of BDF troops in the area.

The police have confiscated the uniforms and items from the home of Sarco Torres, and he and the other persons who were in detention have since been released. Police Commissioner Allen Whylie told the press on Wednesday, July 11, that his officers are still looking into the case carefully to answer all of those questions how those uniforms ended up there, why they weren’t destroyed, and what was the intended use.

There is speculation that the uniforms were intended to be sent across the border into Mexico, where they might have ended up the hands of drug cartels or other criminal elements.