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Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:00

“The DPP should look into that. The DPP should look into the actions of Minister Castro, or Minister Martinez, of Minister Heredia and Minister Montero. I mean we can just start there. We need to start at the very top, until we can get after the people at the very top, the people at the bottom are going to continue to follow the example of the top.”

That was the statement made to Jules Vasquez late last week by Johnny Briceño. Apparently he is not satisfied with the costly Senate Special Select Committee Investigation (SSSCI). So the Leader of the Opposition, Johnny Briceño is now asking for the DPP to go on a wild goose chase. He wants the DPP to investigate those ministers who have given testimony so far before the SSSCI. We ask, investigation to what end? Which crimes were committed? By whom were these crimes committed? Which law or laws were broken? Certainly he can’t be of the opinion that writing a recommendation for a constituent is illegal and punishable by law, because if it were then he would be as guilty. According to the Auditor General’s Report Johnny wrote at least one such recommendation. It appears in table Z-j of paragraph 84 appearing on page 160 of the Passport Report. Johnny signed a recommendation for Dalia Amanda Brkich. That passport was applied for 5/Aug/13 . According to the Auditor General John Briceno didn’t stamp the Recommender B form nor the passport pictures. Readers may remember back when Jules Vasquez confronted Johnny with that information. “Who, when” was Johnny’s utterance and who could ever forget the frightened, childish look on Johnny’s face.

Does Johnny want the DPP to waste her valuable time investigating those sort of things? Things of that nature are not illegal and Johnny knows it. Even if he or any other person had perhaps EVEN charged for such recommendations, that would not have made them illegal. It would have perhaps been unethical, unconscionable, unthinkable or just plain chancy, but certainly not ILLEGAL. Johnny and the PUP banked on the SSSCI bringing down the government by trying to link ministers to corruption, but they have failed to do that. Now they are trying to get the DPP to do what the, SSSCI failed to do. There is a saving grace in the situation though. The DPP and her staff are professionals and they will not allow themselves to be used, as POLITICAL PAWNS unlike those three PUP Senators who are on the SSSC and the other PUP who illegally sits in for one, of them occasionally.

If Johnny and the PUP want to bring down the UDP, they need a new tactic because this present one is not working for them. They gambled and put all their eggs in the Immigration Basket and now, those eggs have been crushed, salted, scrambled, fried and served to them with shells in it. They must now eat their salty and crunchy eggs, because the Belizean voters won’t eat it. Wheel and come again Johnny.