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Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:00

A 22-year-old Belize City man of a Belama address, Wilward Clark, is serving a 7 year sentence handed down on him after he was found guilty of the offense of burglary before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith on July 17, 2017. Clark was accused of entering the home of Roy Joseph, a tour guide of Belama, as a trespasser. Clark stole Joseph’s cell phone and was caught red handed by Joseph who was asleep when he heard a noise.

At trial, Joseph testified that upon hearing a noise, he got up to see what it was. He woke up to Clark inside his house. Clark managed to run off with Joseph’s cell phone. Police caught up with Clark at his home and there was where they found Joseph’s cell phone.

Before the magistrate, Clark claimed that he was under the influence when the incident occurred and could not recall what happened. Earlier that night, he had gone drinking with some friends at a party. He apologized to Jospeh.

Chief Magistrate Smith considered him to not be sincerely remorseful. The magistrate also took into consideration Clark’s previous crimes and convictions and as a result, sentenced him to 7 years in prison effective July 17, 2017.