Child drowns in pit latrine in Maya Mopan , Belmopan Print E-mail
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Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:00

Another child from Belmopan’s Maya Mopan Area has drowned. On Thursday evening at about 5:00 pm, a nineteen month old baby was playing out in the yard with other children and went unattended for a brief period. Her mother Teresa Teul, who has four other children, was visiting a family member. One of the children then shouted that baby Teresa Coy was in an abandoned ‘toilet hole’ filled with water.  The nineteen month old baby was taken out and rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where medics attempted to evacuate the fluids from within her body but the baby had died.

Belmopan Police have since covered the abandoned latrine with wood to prevent a further drowning. Such a proactive measure is important, because in January of this year Edwin Duarte, also from the Maya Mopan Area, died in a well while his family members were doing the laundry.

Twenty six year old Teresa Teul has willingly shared her story with the media in an attempt to send out the message that abandoned openings in the ground are of particular risk to very young children. Children at a very young age have enquiring minds and are continuously exploring their surroundings. When they are left alone, even for brief moments, the results can be tragic.