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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:00

Sometimes it appears that the local “independent” media is so focused on partisan political issues that it fails to bring larger issues to the attention of the public.  The recent headlines were screaming about pedophilia and murder.  Regrettably, there was not much deep discussion about permissiveness and deviance.  Things that have to do with humans can be better understood if one considers a time line.  Time runs continuously; while on the average, individuals live for only about eighty years (that is about 2.7 generations; if the latter is considered to be 30 years).  The point is that each of us enters the time line at a specific instant and leave about eighty years later.  There are exceptions, but I want to focus on the average; because I am interested in what is defined as ‘normal.’  Once normal behavior is defined; permissiveness and deviance can be more easily studied, allowing for the necessary deeper discussion!

A thirteen year old mentally, physically and sexually abused child who dies when broken ribs punctures her heart is one of the best examples of things gone really, really bad.  A black eye for San Pedro and Belize is the knee jerk conclusions of the ones who refuse to think seriously about anything.  If the icons, personalities or painted faces of Belize’s Media were into investigative journalism, we would have heard something like this: “Four children were adopted in the east and brought thousands of miles from their home country to Belize.  Two adults who do not hold Belizean Passports ‘trafficking’ defenseless, innocent children to our shores and then ill-treating them in ways that are truly alien to what we consider the Belizean norm.” Such thinking by our ‘professional journalists’ would be the springboard to getting to the bottom of the problem; it would help us to take steps to try to eliminate or correct deviant behavior…

Our country is very small and militarily even weaker – that is the prime reason why Guatemala keeps harassing us with a bogus claim!  That is why Belize needs the UN/ICJ to get the monkey off our back!  Small as we are, there are times when we are called to stand tall; some of the problems we face require a high degree of bravery.  On 10 September 1798 we should have buckled under the massive threat from Yucatan.  Arturo O’Neill commanded 30 vessels, 500 sailors and 2,000 sailors; yet we prevailed!

Inquiring minds want to know how it is that we have no mines, we have no foundries; yet there are so many guns on our streets. Should we not trace the guns to their origin?  Are the manufacturers, dealers and retailers immune to even the most basic of questions?  I have no doubt that our efforts to suppress crime and violence is sincere.  No stones must be left unturned, focus on people and material.

Tobacco was found growing naturally in Belize; but not coca, marijuana nor poppy!  In the last comprehensive estimates undertaken, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimated that the total retail value of the global illicit drug trade was a massive B$640 billion for the year 2003...  Are Belizeans to believe that the Jewel is truly a leader in the drug trade?  Significant in money laundering?

In October 1929 the stock-market crashed. September 14, 2008 marked another global financial crisis.  Belize was a player in neither the 1929 nor 2008 crises.  How then do I hear our journalists repeating crap, that we constitute some type of major financial risk?  Propaganda that is fed to them is repeated unchanged.  Our media needs to get to the bottom of each and every story! Get the whole truth…