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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:00

There is a local superstition here in OW that when people start passing away in your immediate neighborhood it gets very  perilous for the living in that said zone until seven persons (7 being a complete number) have gone to rest .  There is no medical evidence supporting that misbelief; but I hold another belief, that when your friends and relatives  at or near your age bracket start departing this world it’s time  for you to start setting your house in order, so to speak. There have been several losses of life in my neighborhood, but the grim reaper just barely jumped over my house and went his way, praise God.

Last month I saw a death announcement on TV of a dear friend and Union brother; Guadalupe (Lupe) Sanchez from the Stann Creek Valley. At that time when the citrus industry was divided into two entities: Belize Food Products, (BFP, under Mr. Denzil Jenkins and Mr. Lennox Neal) and The Citrus Company of Belize, (CCB, under Mr. F. Sharp and Mr. H.T.A. Bowman) Lupe was the chairman of BFP’s branch of the Belize Workers’ Union, while I was the General Secretary of the organization. I used to go to the Valley to negotiate along with Lupe, Borland, Popper, August, and the rest of the bargaining team down there headed by the late Abiud Zetina from Corozal. Those were fun times during the several weeks I would spend in the valley with the brothers and sisters in the orchards. As I said, Lupe was in my age group, while Abiud was older.   Both of these Union brothers have passed and I nearly went too, so I have to be careful now, with what I eat and drink.

The beast which refuses to pass away is the “Old” PUP. It goes into induced coma for a while but resurfaces every so often to scare us into believing they can once again terrorize us from the hallways of Belmopan.   Mind you, the PUP is not 100% bad; only 90 something percent. In fact, they have very near to 40% of Belizeans subscribing to their philosophy of plundering our resources and calling it development. We all know that if their old tired horses are sent into permanent retirement, the PUP can do better at the national polls. But not with people who have entire dog sleds of baggage chugging along behind them. Look at one spokesperson on a TV show on Sundays: B. Lindo. These personalities should not be the face of the PUP. He is not Don. Lindo: he is Lindo done.  How can one person own 3 miles long and half mile deep of land in Belize? No matter who that person is, it is wrong!

I hear the said gold dagger’s sidekick on the show being referred to as Pulu.  A bag of foolishness they talk about, with the fat man huffing and grunting when attempting to emphasize a point. That era of haughty cynicism is long gone and outdated. Wheel and come again, fat boy, or will you stick around to proffer another of your election predictions like the last time in 2012? Take care fellow Belizeans! More time next week.