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Thursday, 27 July 2017 00:00

The Government of Belize was today the proud recipient of a .4 Million donation. The donation made by the US Embassy of behalf of the US government consists of nine Ford F-150 pick-up trucks equipped with forensic crime scene investigation equipment which will be used by the scenes of crime units country-wide to enhance their crime scenes’ processing capabilities, along with other miscellaneous equipment and gear for the forensic firearms unit, which will be utilized to better enhance their capabilities in the analysis of firearms such as serial number restoration, and an X-ray machine which will be utilized by the medical examiner’s office for location of bullets in gunshot victims to save them time when conducting autopsies.

The vehicles alone (without the crime scene investigation equipment) are valued at $448,965.00 USD and the forensic equipment including the X-ray machine is valued at $236,360.98 USD, all to a total of $685,325.98 USD.  This is the largest donation of equipment the NFSS Department has received from the US Embassy since its formation in 2013 with the amalgamation of the laboratory, scenes of crime, and medical examiner’s office.

These equipment will greatly amplify the NFSS’ capabilities since apart from auto mobility they will have the necessary equipment to deal with crime scenes effectively country-wide.  In his address, Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr., who is the Minister of State responsible for the National Forensic Sciences Services, and the person who received the donation on behalf of the government of Belize, he stated, “This donation will ensure that SOC technicians arrive at scenes on time and that they are well equipped for scene assessment and processing. This will no doubt enhances the quality of evidence that the technicians will be expected to bring into the laboratory for analysis.  The better quality evidence they are able to retrieve, the more useful their analysis will be to the prosecution case.”

Also present at todays’ ceremony were, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission - US Embassy Belize, Mr. Nathan Bland, Ms. Kimiko Ferguson Acting Executive Director, National Forensic Science Service, Ms. Anne Marie Smith, Chief Magistrate, Mr. David Henderson, Representative of the Director of Public Prosecution, Mr. Albert Roches, Acting Deputy Director - Scenes of Crime, Dr. Ken Deputy Director - Medical Unit, Ms. Diana Bol Noble, Chief Analyst and other members of the National Forensic Science Service.

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