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Thursday, 27 July 2017 00:00

Over and over and over and over the fence tells the people that they care for them…the only ones….nobody else!!  So, the agenda is to brainwash with repetition: for example, ‘the white supremacy’, ‘imperials’, ‘oligarchy’, ‘capitalist’, ‘royal creoles’ [not the Hydes-everybody else, though] - are the BUZZ words that they repeat over and over and over again. A brainwash is their agenda.

These individuals continue to be hypocritical to the country. The flat line of X has told the youth over the many years that basketball and football is their solution.

In other words, telling them, the youth that their ONLY talent is to play basketball and football.

The X repeats over and over and over that he was not allowed, was conspired against, was bla,bla,bla…to NOT offer the youth the basketball and football.

People, DO NOT FORGET THAT a franchise makes money. The ‘behind the zinc fence’ wanted to make money but they camouflage with “the people”, “the youth” ,bla,bla,bla, rhetoric! Or were they the ONLY franchise that was NOT to make money? Were they going to GIVE the money away?? No, they were going to PAY a salary to the youth and we know where that zinc fence stands with regards to salaries.

You see, the flat line of X thought of a way of making money USING the youth!! And having them a “li” bit happy because they were carrying some cheese home! The flat line of X was not interested in anything else; he was not energized to uplift the youth. NO. He was energized by OWNING a franchise, ‘mek dem BUAY play ball, pay dem a li money, and done’. And then the youth must FOREVER be grateful to the X for that! Abuser!

Over the world we see people everyday that have a passion and no matter how many obstacles they meet, these obstacles are overcome to reach a goal; but the flat line X has not managed to be successful in anything and he does not tire in saying that someone IS TO BLAME!! Not him, not his inefficiency, not his hypocrisy…NO. It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

As a people we MUST wonder how this individual has for the past 40+ years told us that HE is the greatest, because in reality that is what he has done [mind you, Mose Hyde said that he was brought up with rejecting praise, not feeling comfortable with praise, bla, bla]; such hogwash, there is much more arrogance when it is hidden under HUMILITY; It was made clear when he wrote about an experience with a check point and an expired license. Imagine the arrogance of telling the police that he, the police, must not be from Belize if he did not know who HE [X] was!! Arrogance to the max!!

There is a picture in Tuesday’s issue with Mose Hyde as ASSISTANT COACH of the Raiders!!! Imagine! Now what would have Mose Hyde known of football-at the time- to be a coach? Loving football, playing football does not make a coach! Certain traits and experience must be in the mix to be a successful coach! But behind the fence, papa X , put Mose as assistant coach! I can only imagine the testicular rush that Mose got from that; manly, you know? At that age… he da di man!!!

The fact is that the non-successes of this individual and his junior X’s are everybody else’s fault! Do YOU feel guilty? I don’t. Hell no!