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Thursday, 27 July 2017 00:00

The tireless leader and Area Representative for Orange Walk East, Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. has delivered once more. The well-travelled road which was once the Northern Highway and part of the Pan-American route is now known as the “Old Northern Highway”. This road which leads from Carmelita through several villages including Santa Martha, Maskall, St. Anne’s, Santana, Corozalito, Lucky Strike, Boston and re-enters the Phillip Goldson Highway at Sandhill Village was in the early days the only route by which to reach Belize City and the rest of Central America by road.

In its heyday this road was asphalted and although it was very narrow it was a smoother ride than now. After the construction of the “New Northern Highway” in the late 70’s and early 80’s the old route started to fall into disrepair. The asphalt has all but vanished and can only be seen in small patches on the way to Santa Martha and Maskall. The other end near Sand Hill has seen in recent times during this UDP administration a major upgrade to some 12 miles making it a joy to travel on.

The other end which falls under the responsibility of Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. has yet to receive the kind of attention as the 12 Miles which lead to the well visited Altun-Ha Maya Temple. This does not mean however that the section leading to Santa Martha is left unattended. Honorable Aragon has constantly lobbied for funding to grade and upgrade this section of road.

Such was the case last week when Mr. Aragon received calls from concerned citizens of a acollapsed culvert. Mr. Aragon visited the area near the Bill Jones estate near the junction with Carmelita Village and indeed saw a culvert which had been compromised by the heavy rains making the area almost impassable and very dangerous. He immediately sprang into action and secured the funding from central government to do the civil works to replace the culvert. The conventional tubular culvert was removed and replaced with sturdy concrete box culverts which have been inspected and approved by government’s engineers.

This is just but an example of this area representative’s dedication and love for the people he represents. This may be insignificant or small for some but for those who depend on this road to get to and from home-it is a big deal. To Mr. Aragon we say continue the labor of love that you have undertaken for your people, it will pay exponential dividends.