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Thursday, 27 July 2017 00:00

For a long time now the PUP have been making the allegation that the UDP stole the 2012 elections by illegally naturalizing persons in January 2012 and then getting them registered in time to vote for the General Election of 2012 . We deliberately did not pay their chatter any attention even though we had in our possession the information that would blow their argument out of the water. However after Misho Chebat tried to directly implicate, the Hon Rene Montero in some sort of vote getting fraud we decided that enough is enough. They have been getting away with this sort of thing for way too long. Perhaps in a way we must take some of the blame for allowing, them to get away with their wild allegations. It is now time to put an end to that sort of thing. We will show you our readers the information we have in our possession. In so doing we hope to expose the PUP as the hypocrites they really are. The PUP as you may be well aware of by now are well known for accusing us of the very things they themselves are guilty of.


It took some time for us to go through the numbers with a fine tooth comb, to make sure when we presented it to the nation that the information would be able to stand up to scrutiny. The breakdown is as follows: in December 2011, some eight hundred and sixty one (861) people were registered. Of that number NINTY-ONE (91) of them got registered by tendering NATURALIZATION DOCUMENTS. Then in January 2012 some two thousand, five hundred and twelve (2512) persons were registered, of which, THREE HUNDRED and SIXTY-FIVE (365) were registered by tendering NATURALIZATION DOCUMENTS.  The total number of persons registered over those two months was THREE THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED and SEVENTY-THREE. While of that amount a total of FOUR HUNDRED and FIFTY SIX got registered by tendering NATURALIZATION DOCUMENTS.

To make a comparison, we had to go back to the identical, last two months period prior to the 2008 election. At that time the PUP were in government. In December 2007, ONE THOUSAND NINTY-SEVEN (1097) people were registered. Of that amount, ONE HUNDRED and SEVENTY-FIVE (175) were registered by tendering NATURALIZATION DOCUMENTS. Then the following month in January 2008, A WHOPPING SEVEN THOUSAND and SIXTY-SIX (7066) PERSONS WERE REGISTERED. Of those persons, NINE HUNDRED and SEVENTY-ONE (971) of them got registered by tendering NATURALIZATION DOCUMENTS. Over that two month period a total of EIGHT THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED and SIXTY-THREE (8163) PERSONS WERE REGISTERED. Of that amount , ONE THOUSAND ,ONE HUNDRED and FORTY-SIX (1146 ) got registered by tendering NATURALIZATION DOCUMENTS.

We know it is plenty numbers to take in at one time , but these numbers have to be mentioned , to make the comparison between what happened leading up to the 2012 election under the UDP administration and compare it to what happened leading up to the 2008 election under the PUP. Another noteworthy statistic is that according to the Elections and Boundaries Commission and also the OAS Observer Mission that observed the 2012 election, the electoral roll grew by 4.4 % or by 7434 voters, from 170,620 voters in September 2011 to 178,054 at the end of January 2012 .The January figure being the amount of voters on the 2012 ELECTION. On the other hand back in 2008 the voters roll grew by 9,584 voters, from 147,409 in September of 2007 to 156,993 in January of 2008 .The January figure being the amount of voters on the voter’s roll for the 2008 ELECTION. The actual September and January growth would have been a bit larger but because of the Annual Revision in November some of the dead persons are struck off the list after their death had been ascertained. Those numbers were not readily available to us.

There is also another number that jumped out at us and that number is that in the four and a half years between September 2007 and the end of January 2012. The voters roll only grew by 13,627 voters. Compare that to the 9,584 voters it grew by in just four (4) months from September, 2007 to the end of January 2008, under the PUP administration. Those 2008 numbers could be as a result of two factors: one being, that people who had not bothered to get registered before were now getting registered or the other was, that young people who had only just reached the age to be registered, because both sets of people wanted to get registered to vote out the PUP. The high number of persons who got registered after being NATURALIZED by the PUP was a different story. It was a plain sinister operation by a scared administration that saw the writing on the wall and was trying to create voters in time to vote for them in the election.

Readers and Belizeans may not know but a VOTER REGISTRATION DESK was set up right on the compound of the George Price Centre for Peace, where the newly NATURALIZED BELIZEANS were registered. One can check many of those voter ID cards and see that it was one Registering Officer who signed them. Remember there was the INFAMOUS OFFICE of GOOD GOVERNANCE? That office was very active leading up to the 2008 ELECTION and REFERENDUM. One could ask one of the witnesses Ms.­­ Ruth Meighan, who was really running the show out of the Good Governance Office. Ask her to speak about what happened in 2008, when she was the Chief Elections Officer. She could shine some light on who the guiding force behind those machinations in 2008. The PUP need to be reminded that two of the six divisions they won in 2008 were only won by sixteen (16) votes each. Only one of the other five was won by a sizable margin and that was in the Albert Division where, Mark Espat won by over six hundred and fifty (650) votes. In the other three they won by three hundred and seventy-nine (371), three hundred and sixty-eight (368) and three hundred and ten (310) votes. They could have very well ended up winning only one seat. Now that we have given the real numbers we hope the PUP stop this foolishness  about the UDP stealing the election. We won that elections for two reasons: the first was that the people of Belize appreciated the hard work  we put in since 2008 and the second was that they remembered the wrongs that had been committed against Belize and Belizeans during the ten years, from 1998 to 2008 under the last PUP Administration.