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Thursday, 27 July 2017 00:00

I can recall that in the nineteen seventies OWT featured weekly on the front page of several newspapers, and once even blazed the cover of a popular magazine with the caption, “money, murder, guns and drugs” or something like that. You will also recall that the same seventies saw the best prices yet for sugarcane, so money was rolling in Sugarland those years. Many people got rich and many people died trying to get rich or to stay rich.

During that same period I was attending Muffles College and could only stare in wonder at the rich kids in school.  They had everything in life while I was dirt poor. That is why the other day when I saw one of those former rich kids with a shovel in his hand my flabber was ghasted. I mean, this guy had it all!  A Big mansion with Brazilian tiles on the floors and bathrooms. There were color TV’s connected to motorized antennas in several places in the castles. In the front lawns were top-of-the line, tinted, air-conditioned vehicles and large tractors to tend to expansive cane fields.  One such big time lit his Piccadilly cigarette with a crispy 20 dollar bill right in front of me even as I could not afford to order another brew.

Anyway, I saw this guy with a shovel and I had to open my big mouth to ask what had happened, to which he said he lost everything due to a change in government in 2008. Now let me tell you that we have all heard that there are certain broods of people in Belize that can only survive if their political party is in power and who will throw crumbs their way to keep their heads above water. But there is simply no excuse for losing all you have earned because you don’t get bloated contracts again. I think a person only needs a little push in life to be independent. Even if one has to wake up at 4am to sell panades one should never throw up one’s hands in desperation  and  blame the political party in power. It seems now that when some people have a little money, they start to live large and talk Cancun, Islas Mujeres, and Miami. You already enjoyed your money so stop crying and blaming the UDP, mi friend!

To shift gears a little I was listening to all the PUP’s options for mayoral candidate in Belmopan, and was surprised to hear that the serial caller from the West, Don Silva, was removed from the short list. This is the third time Silva has been given the royal farewell from the PUP. First to make way for Assad Shoman as area representative, then to give up his senate seat to  Courtney and now to step aside for L. Wade or JA. Or Dr. A. Hegar.    From what I heard last week in Pan, the PUP has little to no chance down there.

I heard it announced that the UDP will have its convention in early October here in OW. I recall that the steering committee usually likes to time it to coincide with the Tenth to attract large crowds at the Plaza, but I don’t know what’s up this year. It’s very quiet at the moment.  They tell me that the Lee Bally is already celebrating a victory and is looking forward to resigning so as to contest the big one in 2020. According to sources, “Big K” has been promised a ministry by the “B Brothers” no matter what happens at the municipal level. Well, he will have to stave off  long- sleeved Carballo, since he too is salivating at the thought of a ministry since he claims to have beaten Musa’s and Fonseca’s  blue-eyed baby, Burgos, in their last East convention.   Let us see how that will play out if the pendulum swings their way.  Also to watch, will Johnny give Señor Big Lindo the ministry of natural resources or will he keep it close to his chest once more? Remember, anything that is not bolted down will be swept away by the Blue Tsunami if they win again. I no di joke!