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Thursday, 03 August 2017 00:00

Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley has ended days of speculation on whether or not he will be contesting the upcoming municipal elections. Speaking to the media on Tuesday August 1, the mayor indicated that he will not be seeking the seat again. He however said that he does remain an ardent supporter of the United Democratic Party and continues to be a member of the UDP.

Speaking candidly about his decision, the Mayor said that when someone signs up for positions like being mayor it must be with a hundred percent focus. He added that there were personal reasons which led him to make the decision of not running again. He said that he has had conversations with various people both within and outside the party and has come to the conclusion that a person’s major priority has to be family as well as personal and professional goals. And while he is stepping aside, he was emphatic to say that he is not leaving politics and still aspires to serve in the House of Representatives.

“We’ve had challenges but we have done well,” said Bradley he went on to say that he will be endorsing Dion Leslie whom he will campaign for and support at the upcoming convention. Speaking about Leslie’s opponent, Phillip Willoughby, Bradley said that politics is about choices and he has chosen Leslie not because of any shortcomings of Willoughby.

Speaking about his other colleagues he said he respected that team and cited that there have been clashes in the past but that it was only natural. He said that over the five and a half years in the council he has learnt to respect his colleagues and noted that they deserve another term. He recognized that during his tenure everything that was done was not good but there has been much that was done. Specifically he cited that the council’s financial affairs have been significantly stabilized, a third of the streets in the city have been paved and the council has helped greatly in business development.

Speaking for his own shortcomings, the mayor noted that he’s recognized one of his weaknesses as not being a managerial type of person. Even so he said he will help whoever comes after him to help them become a better leader.

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