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Thursday, 03 August 2017 00:00

Apparently there is a consolation prize for failure, within the PUP. Or at least that was what we gathered from the interview, the PUP Party Chairman Henry Charles Usher gave to Love Fm Correspondent/PUP Activist Mr Harry Arzu. He spoke to Harry on the Sunday following a poorly attended Municipal Convention held in Dangriga to elect the PUP’s slate for the upcoming Municipal Elections. It was a contested convention and so one would have expected a huge turnout. However the PUP only brought out 589 people even though they had 10 candidates vying for 7 slots on their ticket. That number would translates to each of those 10 candidates pulling out about 59 people. Apparently that type of turnout is considered a good turnout in the PUP. The following was exactly what Henry Charles told Harry Arzu: “It was a very successful day for the People’s United Party here in Dangriga. We actually doubled the turn out from our last convention for Mayoral and Town Council candidates so I am very happy with the turn out and very happy with the energy I see down here and I am very happy with the team that has been selected by the people to represent the People’s United Party in this upcoming municipal election in March 2018. In terms of numbers we had about 590 votes,”

Now we in the UDP don’t know how the PUP measure success at a convention to select candidates for an election that they figure they will win in eight months time. What we know is that if it were our Party Chairman saying that kind of foolishness about a 10% voter turnout being a SUCCESSFUL CONVENTION, he would be on his way out as our Party Chairman. If a political party is unable to bring out its supporters, even for a party internal convention, then how will that party be able to attract others to votes for it’s candidates in an election?


Keeping it on PUP Conventions. We understand that the Octogenarian Don Hecto Silva’s Mayoral candidacy was not accepted by the PUP screening committee (the ODS). What is funny about this situation is that Don Hecto was once a member of the very same ODS (Order of Distinguished Service), that serves as the screening committee, that vets the potential PUP Candidates. It is not the first time that Don Hecto has been passed over as a candidate by the PUP that he loves so dearly. They did it to him in the early 1970’s when they dumped him for POLITICAL NEWCOMER Assad Shoman. Making Assad the PUP Cayo North Candidate for the 1974 General Election. Shoman would go on to represent the PUP in that election and lose to the UDP’s Joe Andrews. Later on Don Hecto would go on to run as an Independent candidate and lose badly; in the HISTORIC 1984 ELECTION, that saw the UDP defeating the PUP for the first time. Silva was blamed for the PUP loss in Cayo North in the 1984 election. It is not that we are campaigning for Don Hecto, but we say these things to state that Don Hecto is a true PUP. It was in the service of the PUP that he earned the name of Belize’s number one SERIAL CALLER. He is known to call every Talk Show, except the Wave Talk Show, to sing the PUP Praises on a daily basis. The PUP has passed over Don Hecto for three virtually unknown individuals whose PUP Credentials don’t add up to those of Don Hecto. Don Hecto you see is perhaps being given the cold shoulder because the old guard in the party remember he went up against the PARTY in 1984 and again in 2011 , when in an effort to send a message to the leadership of the PUP, he resigned from the aforementioned ODS.


We understand that two people in the PUP finally, have a winning streak going. That must really be reasons for celebration within the PUP, since no one in the party was able to make such claim for the last 14 years. It was in 2003 when the PUP had it’s last victory. One of the persons who may be laying claim to a winning streak is Mr Karim Adle. He won a case in May for Common Assault; that case had been brought against him by Micah Goodin .Then he had another victory, when his RUBBER DUCK won the RUBBER DUCK RACE in Cayo. He it seems is on a roll. However he may be  the only PUP that is apparently winning, because Cosa is claiming that she has been winning BOLEDO lately. Now in her case we take what she is saying with a few pounds of SALT, because we know she and the truth don’t live in the same area code. We don’t even think they live on the same planet. She has been showing Boledo Tickets or should we say portions of Boledo Tickets on Facebook, claiming that they are hers and that she won Boledo. Perhaps with their new found luck the PUP may want to run these two in the upcoming Municipal Elections.