Professor Brendan Bain compensated for “Damage for Defamation” in Unibam case Print E-mail
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Thursday, 03 August 2017 00:00

Brendan Bain made regional news in May 2014 when he was fired from his job at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Bain at the time acted as the director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network.

Prior to being fired, Professor Bain had given his expert opinion as testimony in the UNIBAM trial in the Belize Supreme Court going on at the time. The University came under pressure from various groups and activists that held the belief that his opinion was “anti-gay”.

As a part of his testimony, Bain expressed that the movement would be a deterrent not only to the health of participating homosexuals, but also to the economy of Belize.  He continued that the adverse physical and psychological effects of some of their practices would become rampant.

The controversial comments caused the University to proceed firing him from his post on the CHART Network. The University found that his constituents had lost confidence in him. Bain filed an injunction against the process but that only held up in court for so long. After his bid was lost to have another extension of the injunction, his case continued in the Jamaican Supreme Court.

Bain’s case has finally come to an end and the Jamaican Supreme Court ruled in his favor. The University was ordered to pay him 4.72 million Jamaican Dollars- approximately 40,000 USD- and any other sum that may have been withheld by UWI. While he had initially sued the University for 40 million Jamaican dollars in damage for defamation, he was relieved that the matter has come to an end. He won the case on the basis that he has a right to freedom of expression.