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Thursday, 03 August 2017 00:00

I think that the UDP Administration of 1984-1989 got a bad rap in being labelled “arrogant”. At that time I was more involved in campaigning than I am now and I knew several of the new Ministers personally and I never did regard them as being arrogant.  Absent- minded, maybe, since a lot of supporters claimed that the new House members would forget a lot of favors being asked of them. At one time I even suggested to my buddy, Lot Aragon, to please carry a small notebook around in his pockets to jot down the hundreds of requests made by constituents on a single weekend. It was these small lapses in details combined with well-coordinated anti- government media attacks that began to erode the popularity of the young UDP Government, that by 1989, even the most ardent UDP supporters were repeating the PUP mantra that the UDP ministers were arrogant. This led to a loss of the municipal elections in 1988 here in OW and the Generals nationwide in 1989.

As soon as they were returned to office the PUP decided that poverty would not anguish them again when another loss came by. The big projects began to appear along with heavy public borrowing.  The period between ‘89 and ‘93 Belize witnessed the emergence of flagrant practices of PUP corruption appearing alongside bloated contracts starting with the Civic, the Commercial Center and the new Fire Station and the WASA pipeline project. The sale of BTL shares to the famous foreigner was already declaring dividends for the fat, greedy Fonseca. All the Ministers’ children, no matter how dunce they were in school, received all-paid government scholarships to study abroad. That is how we ended up with so many PUP attorneys and doctors.  Most of them last place students in class. Some misdiagnosed your illness, while the rest refused to fight your case for malpractice. We also got Belize’s “foremost” economist, BIG Lindo, who learnt how to borrow big money, sink a dredge in the Old River, then sue when the lending agency attempted to call the loan.

I understand that   “Round- Head” did not even stay on campus at Florida U, he bought (not rented) an apartment and took out a new vehicle with government money so as to be off- campus.  That’s not the “image” he tries to portray today, trying to sound clean like Dean. He is the product of dirty money; Stolen property belonging to the people of Belize.!  And at that time we hadn’t even reached 1998 yet!  ’89 to‘93 were years where we were being treated by the communist to previews of coming attractions. These first 4 years, 89-93, were simply trial runs in preparation for the big mugging of 1998 to 2008.  In 1996 they retired Price before the big hoist so as not to kill the old man from stress.

I tell you this, all that has happened to our country in the past under the previous PUP will look pale to what will happen when the PUP wins again. These people hog up money even at the municipal level when they control all seats of government. Fellow voters; lets be wary and careful this March 7. Remember what they said in 1997, “why wait till 98?” You see what  later happened in 1998? We barely have a country left, 9 years after they left office!