Who is stealing gas from the PUP secretariat? Print E-mail
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Thursday, 10 August 2017 00:00

Information reaching the Guardian newspaper is suggesting that there is an investigation within the People’s United Party Secretariat as it relates to how its meager resources are being spent. Allegations are being made that there are some within the secretariat who are abusing their rights to fuel as well as for the paying of accommodations.

We understand that there is one particular individual on whom all the scrutiny is falling upon . That person, as we understand it has been known to write bounce checks to some businesses. It is no wonder how they ended up in the PUP bowels. Nevertheless, the investigation is rife with allegations that the one individual is abusing gas privileges claiming far more gas allowances than what is allowed in order to conduct the PUP’s business. Additionally we understand that the individual is also putting in for hotel payments from a town where he resides. We will keep following up on this story as it becomes available.