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Thursday, 10 August 2017 00:00

Thomas Arthur Staine, a 39 year-old taxi driver from Belize City, was found stabbed to death. His hands were bound, and he was found lying face up. His grieving family insists that he was a quiet, law-abiding citizen who stays out of trouble, and so, they are completely stunned that he was tied up and killed.

Early on Monday morning, August 8, 2017, police were called to the corner of East Collet Canal and Racecourse Street where Staine’s body was found. That’s where they found him with some articles of his clothing removed. He was lying face up, at the edge of the canal, with his hands tied behind his back with a black shoe lace. The officers observed multiple stab wounds to the upper chest and the right hand.

What the investigators have been able to establish so far is that at around 3 a.m., about 4 hours before he was found dead, he left the Princess Hotel and Casino on Newtown Barracks, where he is usually stationed to provide taxi runs. He went to buy food, and about an hour or so later, his Geo Prism Taxi car was found abandoned at the corner of King Street and Amara Avenue. Hours later, his body was spotted near the canal side.

Anne Lockwood Staine, his mother told the press, “It happened so fast, just in split seconds it happened. His brother nearly witnessed it. When he went there, his brother touched the bonnet of the vehicle and it was still hot, they had just done killed him…”

The cops say that his backseat was smeared with blood. It appears that he was either attacked and killed in his vehicle, and his body was then dumped where it was found 3 hours later.

It is not known why Staine was brutally murdered, but his mother insists that he kept far away from trouble. She said that when he wasn’t working, he was at home resting, and not out partying.

Anne Lockwood Staine asserted, “I don’t know why they did this to him… My son was the best thing God has ever put into my life… he doesn’t give any problems. All the problem he has is to himself, he drink his rum and he just do what he wants to do with himself and he would go in his bed and sleep when he is done. He doesn’t trouble anyone. He doesn’t go out, from his taxi work to his bed.”