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Thursday, 10 August 2017 00:00

The vast majority of ‘media personnel’ in Belize cling to each other more tightly than they do to the country.  The treatment of the Belize – Guatemala Differendum proves my point completely!  Generally, the painted faces and icons that we see, read and hear on a daily basis, display a crazy commitment to each other, rather than to the citizens of the Jewel.   When dodo bird Mose laid a foul egg over the very basic word ‘artificial’ the majority of his colleagues followed him blindly.   Not a one tackled the subject by research and explanation.  Not a one of them opened the dictionary.    They care more about their social connections and the warm feelings of friendship, closeness and loyalty shared among them, rather than providing a hungry public with truth!  Belizeans need to be fully cognizant of Belize’s History!  Not African&Indian History.  Our Media should get up to speed with Belize’s History and help all Belizeans to learn about our past…  Media personnel do NOT have freedom to act irresponsibly… they have a duty to present the truth.  Channel Seven:” We all know well the Bible story which tells us that the Apostle Peter denied three times that he knew Jesus after the crucifixion.”  Rather than presenting facts, the reader editorialized and fed us wrong information!  After the last supper, after prayers in the garden but before the crucifixion!  The Belizean press is lazy and perverse; they parrot what they hear, they do no reading or research.  They just do not get it; the listening public demands better from them.  Their ill researched stories do not sit well with us! We demand much better from them! Man up, Press!

More recently, when an extramural type announcer stated that the British was supposed to give Guatemala a road, the vast majority of her friends, picked up the very same nonsensical phrase.  Before twenty four hours had passed I heard the same stupid line on KREM, Channel 5, LOVE, Channel Seven… The members of the Sorority, supremely loyal to each other over everything else, all wrongly believe that Guatemala is entitled to a ‘free’ road!  It truly was only a small minority of Goldson Nationalists who HELD that the claim is totally bogus!  G. C. Price had major support in his lifelong quest to give Guatemala ‘something;’ the bizarre behavior of the Sorority proves that!  Not a one of the so called journalists even bothered to research any issue.  Jules Vasquez: “Shouldn’t then Belize investigate if China, mainland China wants to be friendly with Belize?” Wow! Let us go back to 1492.   Columbus found people living here.  The greedy, supremacists Europeans immediately branded the indigenous peoples “savages” and stole everything … Guatemala never ever owned this land, islands, rivers or sea!  Guatemala is entitled to nothing.  The biggest problem with democracy is that idiots rush to the polls to vote the wrong way.  In democracy, Universal Adult Suffrage makes a demand on citizens to vote freely, and wisely.  I, for one, do not believe that the Germans who voted for Hitler were correct…

There is obviously a special type of ‘hurricane culture’ that has developed over the years!   I have noticed how individuals check on each other before, during and after a storm.  That is very good, let’s develop our anti-claim culture! The unfounded Guatemalan claim should NEVER have been used as a partisan political football.  Nor should it have been used in an ethnic rivalry or contest in which the main concern of the parties involved is the conspicuous demonstration of ‘superiority.’   Every single Belizean should be fighting on behalf of the Jewel.  Review the recent news and tell me that you are not appalled about inappropriate verbiage:” First off, it’s basically the same road that the British agreed to build in the 1859 treaty. The British never lived up to their promise - which is why we’re still living with this territorial dispute.”  Shame on our Media for its extreme irresponsibility when it comes to the most important issue of our lifetime.