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Thursday, 17 August 2017 00:00

A cozy thrift corner was opened on the Bullet Tree Road on Saturday by the Non Profit Cornerstone Foundation to boost its feeding program for the new school year- come September 2017. The thrift shop sells an assortment of shoes, clothing, jewelry and books with the profits going towards Cornerstone’s main foundation;  to feed 80 kids from the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Areas.

Cornerstone Feeding Program caters to the needs of children from the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic, Saint Andrews and the Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio. During the course of a normal school year, children are also fed daily at the Santa Elena Roman Catholic Primary School.

The new yellow painted thrift store, located three houses after Legends 2000 on the Bullet Tree Road will now be opened by Cornerstone Board members from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. (For orders you can call their cellular number at 667-0210.)

“The idea to open the thrift store was because things are getting higher at the shop, when we go to the shop it is more expensive and to feed all of these kids throughout the school year it’s really becoming too expensive --we are always getting stuff from people-- so we decided to open the thrift store so that we can take the proceeds from that and assist the feeding program, so that we can continue the feeding program,” explains Rita DeFour, General Manager of the Cornerstone Foundation, who operates from Cornerstone’s Headquarters at number 27 Far West Street in San Ignacio Town.

Space for the thrift shop was donated by Shelton DeFour, husband of Rita DeFour and will go a long way in keeping our Belizean children healthy, while pursuing their education. Such supporters are to be applauded for it is the smile from a well fed child that is priceless.

Researchers all agree that the brain neurons from a young child multiplies at a prodigious rate and so the positive effects of nutritious foods at that critical stage to their intellectual development will last a lifetime. We thank the Cornerstone Foundation and its Board of Directors for sustaining such a  feeding program in the Cayo Disrict.