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Thursday, 17 August 2017 00:00

This past Sunday, the People’s United Party (PUP) held a convention at the Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio Town to elect a mayoral candidate for the 2018 municipal elections. A total of 863 persons voted in the polls which opened at 9 a.m. and closed at 5 p.m. Three candidates vied to lead the PUP team. Marconi Matus, won with 345 votes. Arthur Smith, was second with 261 votes, and Javier Castellanos, was third with 240 votes. There were 17 spoilt ballots. After the results were announced Matus made the following speech in front of the media. “Today is the start of a fight against the United Democratic Party; against corruption and transparency. I am telling you that I will work hard; campaign along with my team to win this municipality of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Come March seventh, myself and the other six candidates will be victorious and we will be parading the streets of San Ignacio and Santa Elena after the votes have been counted.”

We could have cut the speech right where he made mention of “ CORRUPTION and TRANSPARENCY “, because those two things can never be on the same side. They are completely on the opposite side of the equation. We don’t know what  is the reason the gentleman used them as if they were one and the same thing. Perhaps it’s in the PUPs creed that being CORRUPT means being TRANSPARENT. Perhaps that was what caused the gentleman to be confused about the two terms. As we listened further in his speech, we got another big bombshell. We got it right where he said “I will WORK HARD .” Now we were taken aback because Marconi Matus was once Mayor for the very same Santa Elena /San Ignacio Town Board back in 1997. He did not work hard like he is now promising, actually he did the opposite, he resigned his position as Mayor and about a year later, he even resigned from the PUP. His term as Mayor may have been the shortest. It was so short that he thought people would not remember it. Does he and the PUP believe that the good people of the twin towns don’t remember him and how he quit on them?  Then there is that parade he said would happen, after the votes are counted. Well we need remind him that funeral processions are considered parades too. So maybe it is the PUP’s Funeral Procession that he is predicting will happen after the votes are counted.

There is another side to Mr Marconi Matus. The younger voters may not know that side, so we need to tell them about it. That side is his ability to MAKEUP STORY (LIE). Yes the gentleman tells lies, the gentleman was telling Anansi Stories long before Munchies. To prove the way this gentleman lies we will take you our reader back to an incident from 1998. At that time Marconi Matus and the PUP came up with a hair brain idea, where they would accuse the then Prime Minister, Sir Manuel Esquivel, of having offered him Marconi a bribe of $75,000, a house in Belmopan valued at $120,000, as well as a parcel of land which would be about 75 acres, and two lots in San Ignacio. Matus and the PUP made that accusation at a press conference that the PUP had called and was held at the Radisson. According to Matus and the PUP the bribe had been offered to him by some UDP Officials, but it was confirmed by Sir Manuel at a meeting he Matus, had asked for with Sir Manuel . He claimed that the meeting was held on the grounds of the Aguada Restaurant.

Sir Manuel ended up suing Matus and as the result of that Law Suit, won one of the largest cash awards of $60,000 plus Legal cost for libel. He was able to prove in court that he was not anywhere near the Aguada Restaurant at the time Matus claimed the meeting took place. What was noteworthy was that at the material time of the alleged meeting, Sir Manuel was indeed in Cayo, BUT he was holding meetings elsewhere in Cayo and because those meetings were held in the presence of many persons, he was able to prove that the bribe story was a LIE. At the time of those bribery accusations Matus’ attorney /PUP Secretary General Godfrey Smith was asked the following questions and for clarity we will quote that interaction between him and the media.

Q: “Let me ask you again, would you stake your reputation on the accuracy of his statement?”

Godfrey Smith

“I stake my reputation and the reputation of the People’s United Party on what I have heard on this machine here today which I have played for you and which I hope that you will take to the studio and listen to it carefully. That is what I am staking my reputation on.”

Q: “You will admit then that these exact statements about any particular meeting at any particular time may not be in fact accurate?”

Godfrey Smith

“I am not saying that; all we’re saying is that everything that Matus says in his statement is not on this tape. We are staking, we are stating very carefully and very forcefully that we are convinced that the issue in all of this is whether or not a criminal offense has been committed, namely bribery and corrupting of a public official. We are convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have evidence of that on this tape which we are releasing to the proper authorities as early as tomorrow.”

Well we guess the results of that case did not do anything to positively affect Smith’s personal reputation, or that of Matus’ or the PUP. With all that happened back then and the persons whom, Matus defeated on Sunday, being two political lightweights, we think the PUP did themselves and the people of the twin towns a huge disservice. Some people even see him being passed off , on the people as a Mayoral Candidate as an INSULT to the RESIDENTS of the Twin Towns of Santa Elena /San Ignacio. The PUP could have done better for themselves even if they had gone into their time machine, as far as a hundred years back and chosen Don Hecto. He may be called many names including senile, half light and antiquated, but he would perhaps not be called anything like Matus. The one saving grace in this whole scenario though , is the resolve of the voters not to allow Matus to quit on them or embarrass them again by telling ANANSI STORIES about bribery. They will make sure they don’t vote for him.

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