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Thursday, 17 August 2017 00:00

Ask someone to name a work of science fiction off the top of their head and chances are they’ll say Star Wars. It’s got space ships, aliens, robots, futuristic inventions, the whole nine yards. We in Belize may not have any SciFi movie being made here, but it is not because of a shortage of SciFi Writers. We may have our version of a SciFi writer right here in Belize. It seem that one such person who has the potential of and skills of such a writer is Derek Aikman. This gentleman, was once poised for greatness some 30 years ago,  until his arrogance got the better of him and like Humpy Dumpy , Derek had a great fall.

Derek it appears is having some sort of flashback and may be trying to turn back the hands of time, to when he defeated George Price in 1984 and Lita Khron in 1989. He seems however, to have forgotten the BAD BUSINESS DECISIONS that he made between 1989 and 1992. Those decisions were the same ones that caused him to fall from his high perch. Now we on this side know fully well the type of dramatic actor Derek is. Perhaps he may be the only person who would make faces even if he were only making an address via radio. People may also remember a tale about a kidnapping that was reported to have occurred somewhere near Burrel Boom. The story got Derek some time in the spotlight for the laughter it provided for a short period. It seems like Derek aka HOUSE HUSBAND has a lot of time between his various household chores that he does. He has now come up with this asinine story about how politicians in Belize know how a person votes in elections and victimizes those voters who voted against them. According to House Husband, the ballot number is recorded when it is issued to the voter and sometime after the election, someone goes into the ballot box and matches the particular ballots to the particular voters, thus knowing how the voters voted.

It is not the first time we heard that sort of hogwash, as starting a few elections some years ago and continuing every elections thereafter. It came from another person who has a lot of time on her hand; Ms Sandra Coye has been saying the exact same thing. Like Ms Sandra, Derek is demanding that the serial numbers be removed off the ballot papers. Now if that is done how will the ballots be reconciled or better yet how will candidates be assured that the ballots in the boxes are the ones that were issued inside the polling stations? Neither Derek or Ms Sandra has come up with a way to remove the serial numbers, but at the same time not taking away the security feature it provides. Yes technically a scenario such as both persons played out is possible BUT however it would take a very large conspiracy and a whole lot of secrecy and we know how well we hold secrets in Belize. We don’t speak for our opponent, the PUP, but we believe not even they will be brave or stupid enough to try such a thing. Imagine the Pubic Officers who would obviously have to be part of the conspiracy, having that type of information and for one reason or another become engaged in some sort of dispute with the government /politicians.

Would not that secret be let out the bag? Don’t we as ordinary Belizeans know things that happen in government because Public Officers tell us? We even know things that happen in cabinet before cabinet meetings are over. Both Derek and Ms Sandra need to find something to do with all the free time they have. Like idle children on vacation they have a lot of time on their hand and we all know that old saying about the idle mind being the Devil’s Workshop. We know in Ms Sandra’s case, we could chalk it up to her being a little on the eccentric side. However in Derek’s case besides his flare for the dramatic and his attention seeking habit, he may have been bitten by the GREEN JEALOUS BUG. There is an old phrase that states “you can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself. ......” People who know Derek may say, that Derek has always been jealous of a certain gentleman from the Queen Square Constituency. There is also another thing that may be causing Derek to be acting that way, it may be the impact of that 800 or so votes beating that he received at the hands of Said Musa in 1998. Any which way Derek needs some sort of counseling to help him with whatever condition is affecting him at this time. He better check himself before he wrecks himself.