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Thursday, 17 August 2017 00:00

Two police officers from Punta Gorda Town have been charged with extortion after a career educator accused them of taking advantage of her in a moment of desperation.

A principal from Toledo reported to police that on Tuesday, August 8, she was driving her vehicle when she arrived at a police checkpoint, where she was stopped by Woman Police Constable Jenny Tanner and Constable Arden Jones.

She told the police that Constable Tanner informed her that the insurance for the vehicle expired 2 days earlier. She was then escorted to the PG police station. According to the principal, after they arrived, WPC Tanner had a conversation with her about the expired vehicle insurance. This principal alleges that Tanner told her that she had committed a very serious offense where the vehicle would be impounded, and her driver’s license would be revoked. Tanner reportedly offered to settle with her and drop the case against her, if she would agree to pay. She offered to pay several hundred dollars; reports are that she went to the bank and withdrew $400, returned and handed them over to Constable Jones. The Head of the Professional Standards Branch, Assistant Police Commissioner Chester Williams, told the press that it was $300 that the principal paid.

The principal then immediately reported both officers to their superiors. Narrating what happened next, ACP Williams told the media, “Mr. Cacho, the officer commanding Punta Gorda Town police station who took swift action by going to the office where Jones was and he retrieve the money from Jones. Jones was subsequently arrested and charged for the crime of extortion jointly with Tanner. They will also be charged disciplinary for committing  an act to the prejudice of good order and discipline as well as soliciting a bribe and neglect of duty in respect of that matter.”

This  is the second time that WPC Tanner has been accused of extortion; her integrity is being challenged once again, also at the expense of the police department. In December of 2012, a Canadian tourist reported her, alleging that she stopped him for driving an overcrowded golf cart in Caye Caulker. She asked him to show her his driver’s licenses, and when he informed her that he had none, Tanner allegedly demanded that he give her $100 to buy 2 margaritas, in exchange for no criminal prosecution.

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