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Thursday, 24 August 2017 00:00

Armando Lopez, a 34 year-old carpenter and fisherman who moved to San Pedro Town over 10 years ago, became the second victim to lose his life to gun violence on the island in 4 days. Island Police sources tell the press that there is a recent feud over drug turf that has flared up between 2 dominant groups, and Lopez may have been a casualty of that war.

The incident happened in broad daylight on Sunday, August 20, 2017. Sometime around 2:40 p.m. Lopez was sitting inside the Winner’s Spot Bar on Barrier Drive, which is a street in the heart of Downtown. It is one of the busiest parts in the island tourism destination, but Lopez’s shooter and his accomplice still carried out their attack.

Bystanders reportedly saw 2 suspicious men conducting surveillance on Lopez, just before the shooting happened. The gunman allegedly opened fire on Lopez, hitting him in the chest and the left arm. He fell inside the business place, and the shooter was allegedly seen fleeing to the beachfront, the same direction where the person believed to be his accomplice went. They may have escaped by boat, that is not established as yet.

Shortly after he was shot, Lopez passed away before he could be rushed to the polyclinic to receive emergency medical treatment.

It is unknown why Lopez was killed, but police have decided to increase the number of officers on the island. 4 days earlier, Scott Charles was shot and killed inside his San Pedro home. 4 days before that, there was another shooting in which an adult and 2 minors were injured.

Immediately after Lopez’s murder, over 20 persons were detained by police, who are making attempts to cool the tensions in this feud. 2 persons have been detained by police specifically for their investigation of Lopez’s shooting death. They are looking for 1 more individual. 1 suspect has been identified for Scott Charles’ murder as well.

Attempts were made to get comments from Lopez’s family, who declined saying that they would not want to alert his shooters to find out their identities. They are afraid that they will be targeted as well.

Lopez is originally from San Narcisco village, Corozal. He moved to San Pedro about 12 year ago, where he worked as a fisherman, and a carpenter. His family described him as very friendly and jovial with others around him.