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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 00:00

To set the record straight, I don’t want you to think that all supporters of the People’s United Party whom I come in contact with are all insufferable fanatics. In fact, many of them are reasonable, rational individuals whom out of fidelity to family and tradition are PUP’S.  You see, here in OW people will hardly change their religion or their political affiliation.

With that common courtesy out of the way, I want to tell you that  two  major issues transpired over  this past week which has the Opposition going “Cinco, seis” as they say in Spanish. The first is that the popular Phillip de la Fuente is once again contesting for the mayoral seat here in OW on behalf of the UDP. Before Phillip’s entry, the PUP was practically celebrating a “sure –win”. Now they are depending on Facebook with fake news to try “belittle” Philco. One half-crack bird brain told me that he heard it from “high up” that Bernard would win. I informed him that the Almighty does not take sides in municipal elections in Belize, but  if he was referring to a living, breathing soul, he should know that each person in Belize  has the same   electoral value of one vote each at election time no matter how “high up”, he/she is. On a separate note, I think that there should be a law disallowing any municipal body from contracting financial commitments longer than two full terms or for a period not exceeding 6 years.   Our present council has mortgaged a major part of the Central Government’s monthly subsidy to the OWTC for 11 years and counting!  But if you listen to the two big mouths on CTV3, Central government does not help the OWTC one bit. Except we know that GOB assists this municipal body to the tune of $480,000/ year, totaling $2.5 million over the life of this present Council. Yet this same crowd went ahead and contracted for another $2,000,000 or so in debts. This is on top of the $1.5 million each year from traffic and $800,000 from taxes.

The other issue which is weighing heavily with the youths is the decriminalizing of 10 ounces or less of marijuana. Many of the young people are pleased with this new development and are looking at the UDP as the more progressive Party of the two major political parties. Speaking of Progressive; that said Political Party is the reason for my topic. Anytime you see the Hon.  Wilfred Erlington on TV voicing an opinion or giving an update on the unfounded claim over Belize you will see two jokers jump out of the box. Maheia and Lisa: One jack and one Jill.  Their favorite mantra now at every election: “the UDP is giving away Belize to the Guats!”  and “Erlington should resign! Lone fool!

The stakes are now high for the battleground of OWT, with Espat saying that if Juan Antonio does not deliver his home town, he’s GONE!! Tighten up, Johnny, Julius di come for you especially since you embarrassed him last week in the Honorable House by not following his lead and walking out in support.