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Friday, 01 September 2017 00:00

On Sunday, 27 August, UDP Belize City supporters converged on the grounds of the ITVET in Belize City Campus (formerly the Belize Technical College Campus) located on Freetown. The event was an exercise to elect our slate to represent the UDP in next year’s Belize City Council Election. The sun was scorching hot, but it did not phase the almost 6,000 city residents as they were there to make sure that they would be a part of the decision making process. It was the first time in a long time that we had a contested convention for a Mayoral Candidate in Belize City. This time it was two formidable long serving Councillors who were contesting each other for the coveted position. These two gentlemen being Dion Leslie and Phillip Willoughby did their house to house campaign and on Sunday they both left it all on the Convention Ground and after the dust was cleared and the counting of 5,589 ballots cast, the results showed Dion Leslie receiving 3,073 votes ,while Phillip Willoughby received 2,388 votes. Some 128 ballots were spoilt or rejected. In the end it was Dion Leslie besting Phillip  Willoughby. The numbers would have been much higher because perhaps as much as a thousand people did not or could not wait in the long lines and they left. The scorching sun may be blamed for that. When the votes the two gentleman garnered are added up it rivals the little over 6,000 votes the PUP Mayoral Candidate got in the 2015 Belize City Council Election. In that election it took 20,000 voters for the PUP Mayoral Candidate to get a little over 6,000.

One would have thought that the stars on Convention Sunday would have been the two Mayoral Aspirants. However such was not the case as the real stars were the WOMEN who were on the ballot. There were five women or one third of the candidates who were vying for councilor positions. These women were namely: incumbent councilors Alifa Elrington and Hyacinth Latchman-Cuellar. They were joined by newcomers Judith Enriquez, Keera Ford along with Noreen Martinez. They went up again against eleven men, seven of whom were four term and three term serving councilors, who had super credentials. All these women candidates were no walk over either because they too had built up their own reputation over the years of having worked and served in various capacities in both a professional and personal level in their communities. To see the way these women went toe to toe with the men on the convention, was a sight to behold. At the end of the day, four of these five women made it onto the slate even beating one of the incumbent councilors. Hyacinth Latchman-Cuellar topped the polls with Alifa Elrington running second. A few places down was the very impressive Judith Enriquez. The very determined Noreen Martinez made it in at number ten defeating her nearest rival by almost four hundred votes. The day was victory for women’s empowerment in politics.

There were also some other stars at the convention. They were the voters and campaign workers who although very spirited on Sunday were well behaved. Sunday was like a real family event and the real UDP family spirit was on display. So awesome was this family spirit that we soon began to see some of the usual PUP low level operatives coming around trying to get in either to do a head count or even try to get in to vote or just to create mischief. They must have been reported to their superiors, because none other than the PUP’s Deputy Secretary General/ COCKMACADANDY himself started to circle the area like a common lizard flicking his tongue either because of the heat or the pressure from seeing the crowd and the energy being sent out from the crowd. He must have reported to his boss Johnny and Johnny did not believe the report. As Johnny was soon after seen by Chon Saan Palace playing PEEPING TOM. We don’t know what other reason Johnny would have to leave all the way from Orange Walk on a Sunday. If it was Chinese Food he wanted, then there are many nice Chinese establishments right there in Orange Walk that sell as good a quality of Chinese food. So why come to Chon Saan if it was not to PEEP on the UDP convention?  Well we guess that on Friday Night he will have the urge to cross the bridge near Banquitas and go to San Estevan. We now approach the March Elections as a united team and that 2015 double up may not be able to rival the triple up or better that we will see.

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