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Friday, 01 September 2017 00:00

We did not expect Johnny to come around a UDP convention, so imagine the surprise we got when we saw him peeking about the ITVET compound on Sunday. We are told that he was at a nearby restaurant and wondered openly how it is that the UDP has been having such successful conventions and how it is that his party could do the same. We are told that one person who was in earshot said to him: ‘all you need to do is change your entire candidates and people will gladly follow the new leaders.’ We of course can do no more than agree with that plan. That bunch will never change and as long as that’s the case, they will never get the support of the people.

Economic geniuses

Now hear this one... a man called the two economic geniuses on Monday night to complain about a problem he was having with a bank involving a property he had put up for collateral and was now in the process of losing or may have lost it. After Grab spoke foolishness until the man ran out of credit, the other genius, Carter said that the man needed to call him so he could give the man advice. These two are well rounded when it comes to properties and collateral.

Grab we are sure knows how to take properties and value them for more than they are worth hence his beating around the bush and being unable to give the caller a clear answer. As for Carter, he definitely knows about collateral and properties and being able to dance around and not have the properties being forfeited. Testament of this are his numerous properties that are always up for sale but which he somehow manages to keep.

Chihuahua licenses

We are reliably informed that the Mayor known as the Chihuahua is running out of his mind in Orange Walk, it is as if the announcement that Philip De La Fuente will be running for the position for mayor has gotten the midget all flustered. These days he behaves like a dog chasing his tail trying to come up with ways in which to bribe the Orange Walk voters. Most recently he has taken up on giving away drivers’ licenses. That’s right! The man-dog has decided that he will buy votes with drivers’ licenses which we understand he does not charge for. That activity is sure to put some more hurting on the finances of the OWTC as already it is hemorrhaging to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Think differently lead differently

So the lady who wants to run Belmopan who says she thinks differently and leads differently is definitely living up to her slogan. Much to the dismay of the PUP party faithful in Belmopan, she has decided to indeed think and lead differently and we say this not in any kind way. Apparently the different way in which she will lead is by way of dictatorship. She is not even the mayoral candidate yet and already she has decreed that there will be no contested convention. She says she is the only one who can run Belmopan City and should have no challenger. Of course the eunuch that is the PUP leader had to abide by the decree, especially because there no candidates who want to take on the current mayor of Belmopan.