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Written by The Guardian   
Friday, 01 September 2017 00:00

The construction of the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town hall remains on track, to be completed by mid October of this year; despite delays in getting a major loan approved. It’s future has been boosted by the recent passing of the Town Council Amendment Bill through the House and the Senate.

As one of the biggest projects that has been undertaken by the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council, further funding for its new headquarters may be forthcoming by the end of this week.

In December of last year the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council had approached the National Bank for a loan, only to discover about a month and a half ago that there was a section in the Town Council Act that did not permit Town Councils the legal autonomy to make considerable loans.

“I  began communicating with the Prime Minister and the people that would have been able to assist us and the only way this loan could have been disbursed if we wanted to go the legal way and I can tell you the Prime Minister [the Hon. Dean Barrow] stands for principles, hence the reason why we have not been disbursed with the loan yet, he said for this to happen we need to amend the Town Council Act,” says Earl Trapp Junior, who has been the Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Towns for the past two and a half years.

Mayor Trapp reflecting on the recent amendment of the Town Council Act, which has now been passed into law says that all the Town Councils across the Country will now have the legal autonomy to go about and acquire these loan facilities for the development of the different municipalities.

“We cannot continue to depend on Central Government, we have to [be] more an independent Town Council, from the moment the people put their vote of confidence in you is because they believe you can do the job, and I believe this Town Council can do the job with minimum assistance from Central Government.”

The old Town Hall had been demolished lately, having been deemed unsafe for human occupancy since 1995. The San Ignacio based Town Council has been using the revenues and the proceeds from the sale of the old town hall to provide to the contractor. (The contractor had been using some of its funds as well.) The contract for the new building is 1.7 million dollars and work on the new Town Hall has not stalled says Mayor Trapp.