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Friday, 01 September 2017 00:00

X was on to something when he returned with a smidgen of Black Consciousness; the Wesley College students placed their trust in him.  Unfortunately, he balked.  The evil white supremacists came up with a scheme to steal the World.  The first step was to divide People into races; they came up with four (4) Black, Red, Yellow and White.  X created a trap for himself when he added a fifth: Brown.  The Wesley College students could not figure out why he would add a new category, when what was needed was a movement to One Race, One People.  Science recognizes only ONE RACE and that is the Human Race!  His followers were so disappointed that when he offered himself for electoral office, only 89 votes went to him.

Lisa Shoman’s history with the Peoples’ $3.34M and her habit of talking way too much is the trap that she has set for herself. She blissfully believes that completing prescribed courses at a university equates to wisdom and common sense; she is totally wrong!  When I was at university, I saw a female Belizean law student sitting in the lap of a male professor; as he was marking her paper!  She probably ‘earned’ an A – emphasis on ‘earned.’  Lisa, I don’t want to hear about your academic degrees… I want you to speak wisely! She wrote in her open letter that Guatemalan Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas claimed:“… the Sarstoon River, the waters of the Sarstoon River, are internal waters that belong to the Guatemalan state.  We acknowledged it as such, and the Navy, the national defense, recognizes its sovereignty and it is an important mission which we are carrying out here.” Lisa heard him disrespect our Border!

The purpose of her open letter was to object to the following statement of the Foreign Minister:”…we don’t have internationally recognized borders.” Is Lisa incapable of understanding Carlos Thomas? Does she not understand what the claim is about?  INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED BORDERS; specifically recognition by Guatemala that; is the goal.  Come on Lisa, come on Eamon, this is NOT hard to understand! Every Belizean regardless of party affiliation need to fight against the unfounded claim!

Assad Shoman reminded the few teachers that were brainwashed by Team Mose/Luke that they are teaching from his 1994 book!  The phrase ‘artificial borders’ are in that book – did the dopes read?  Uncle Assad has written extensively on the unfounded Guatemalan claim.  Did Lisa read?  Let us look at the Pocket Guide for ourselves because we cannot depend on the picaresque Lisa.  On page 4 Uncle Assad writes:”…Guatemala does not recognize any borders between our two countries… In order to get rid of this claim and all the problems it causes us, we need to go to Court and get a judgment defining our border, which Guatemala must accept.  The only court that can do that is the one established by the United Nations in its Charter, and that court is called the International Court of Justice, or the ICJ.”

Could Lisa have been brainwashed by $3.34M Courtenay?  The People are extremely disappointed in Lisa and Eamon.  I bet that if they dare to put their name on a ballot, they will get even less than 89.  The supporters who shouted:” Contact or no contact!” or who were proud to vote for a “stick dressed in blue” must now face the fact that Price was dealing with Guatemala in a way that totally messed up things!   His pocketing of millions of Guatemalan Dollars did NOT help Belize, like Ralph said:” The mess that we are in is because of the PUP!”  To the whutliss PUPs I offer a note that I had copied from PrensaLibre:” La falta de definición de una frontera entre Guatemala y Belice… [The lack of definition of a border between Guatemala and Belize…]  Lisa, the Guatemalan press disrespects our Border.

Thanks to Price and the whutliss PUPs that supported him, GUATEMALA CLAIMS OUR COUNTRY AND DOES NOT RESPECT OUR BORDERS.   Fortunately, the UDP will correct the mess of Price and his PUP…