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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Friday, 01 September 2017 00:00

During the 2005 civic uprisings and public denunciations by Civil Society against the gross corruption that had pervaded into the highest levels of the People’s United Party,  some sober voices and organizations which still supported the Musa Administration cried out to their leadership to openly accept blame for their wrongdoings and promise the Belizean people to mend their ways and to return the Party to its core principle of  “social justice” To this day, the PUP of 1998-2008  never did accept that they did anything wrong even as Miguel Ashcroft  became deeply  rooted into our economic infrastructure at BTL and IMMARBE. Even in the face of this public outcry, PM Musa gave his infamous “never before” speech as the ultimate act of defiance.  For that lack of contrition, the voters have punished the People’s United Party in successive elections since 2006.   People don’t believe Johnny and Espat one bit when they claim to be the “New PUP” and have changed their ways; Creole say that when dog “lawn” to eat egg...

On another page from the same chapter, I believe the huge UDP loss of 1998 (26 PUP to 3 UDP) was the result of a combination of big money being infused into the PUP by the said Lord Miguel and the nasty and open infighting within the hierarchy of the UDP Cabinet. Corruption had very little to do with this massive UDP loss of 1998.  I also believe that Hon. Faber, if he succeeds in becoming UDP Party Leader in 2020 will face a difficult challenge to win again for the UDP.  Look, I am an ardent supporter of the UDP and yearn for its continued success at the polls, but like the albatross which Mr. R.  Fonseca became to the PUP, so has the name of my friend, Hon. Vega become to the UDP. I won’t try to sugarcoat that the Party of anti- corruption values is suffering deeply in popularity and credibility because of the former DPM. PM Barrow has to salvage his very solid legacy of having transformed our country in leaps and bounds by vociferously and openly condemning the shenanigans that were cooked at the MNR during the first two UDP terms. The PM was not complicit in any deals so he should not allow this spreading stain to blemish his good name and solid performance as the best PM ever!

Gapi is a friend of OW North and he did many good deeds for his constituents and for Belize in general, but I don’t know what went wrong to trigger this deviation from the straight and narrow. I know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but too many charges of impropriety does not bode good to one’s reputation.

I would like to believe that there is an explanation for all that went wrong and that there are hidden perpetuators to these acts but I cannot swear for any man or woman.

In closing it seems that the unhappy crowd at the PUP’s social media attack desk continue to spread rumors against Phillip de la Fuente, now they’re saying that Philco has submitted a letter to the UDP secretariat.  Look people, Phillip will contest for the UDP, no matter what you hope for on Facebook.  I suggest you start cleaning up those account books at Town Hall and delete those private payments for personal loans at the Banks. Phillip is coming for you. Are you ready?